Busy March, many machines waiting for delivery

All the machines for a China Aid project for Africa are well produced and packed. They will be delivered soon in this month.

“Hi, our babies, you are grown up now. We are sure you are strong. Please do your best jobs as your parents did. Please remember, youare not only our babies, you are also the babies of good relationship between our countries.” 

The above is full packages of a set of 6FW-P12AB, which is for a Canadian customer. With this low price flour mill plant, they can produce maize grits, rice grits, wheat/barley grits(semolina) and flours. With 12 days per day capacity, customer can start their business easily. This customer come to our factory to test the machine and gave us a “yes”. 

The below machines are for a France customer. A set of stone flour mill for milling wheat flours. Including one cleaning machine and one ston flour mill. With them, customer can get nature and nutritious whole wheat flours, which is very healthy.

It is a really a busy but happy March! 


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