Beans peeling machine

Nowadays beans are widely used in high grade cereal flour product, bean food, protein extraction, etc. Following people’s diet change and satisfying people’s pursuit for food nutrient and health, Lucao High Tech provides big, medium and small equipment and turnkey solution for each kind of beans, including soya bean, garden peas, mung, black beans, black eye beans, lentil, broad beans, kidney beans, etc. According to customer’s special situation or requirements, we customize and produce the most suitable machines. Beans peeling machines have been exported to Spain, Mexico, Sweden, Philippines, Dubai, Algeria, etc.

Peel beans by dry way, no need water. Beans go through process of rubbing, grinding and cutting, etc, and get separated from bean skin. These machines are featured with easy to operate, cleanly peeling, low loss, no wear part design, and low maintenance cost. It is composed of peeling room, pressure control system, wind selection system, final output receiving system, and automatically finish peeling, separating and dust collecting, etc. These machines have filled the industrial technological gap and they are most advanced beans peeling machines in China.