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6FT-B7 white kidney bean peeling machine

6FW-B7 is new type beans peeling machine designed by our technical engineers. This machine absorbs essence of other food grain peeling machine, and get rid of common disadvantages. It is low energy consuming, kernel complete (not break),adv...


6FT-S18 Black bean peeling machine

It is so far the best beans peeling machine in China with lowest power consumption, smallest space occupying, highest level of automation, best output quality. It is applicable to food processing factories, hotel, restaurant, etc.


Multipurpose Quinoa Peeler Dehusker Machine Supplier

Specially design according to nature of quinoa. As unique technology, it removes skin of quinoa very clean. Peeled quinoa is in grey and white color, no dust, quinoa germ is well reserved and quinoa not damaged. Peeled quinoa is in bright c...


Agricultural equipment commercial Corn Degerminating Machine

6FT-PB2 is a high technology and professional corn peeling machine. Machine is smaller in size, but great performance in corn peeling. It sells well in Africa as corn food processing equipment. It is the most economic corn peeling machine. ...


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