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6FT-PH portable corn mill for sale philippines

Are you planning to produce best quality corn grits and sell at highest price? Then 6FT-PH corn milling machine is your first choice.
Corn grits from 6FT-PH is in even size, round shape, no sharp edges, look like millet. Clean, no skin, no...


PD1 maize milling machines south africa

6FT-PD1 is a classic popular combined maize grits milling machine. Suitable for medium scale grain processing factory. It produce very high quality of corn grits, corn grits are clean, without skin/flour/germ/root/hilum, no black dots no wh...


6FT PC2 small corn flour machine for sale

6FT-PC2 is the most economic corn milling machine. Suitable for starting business from small scale. It integrates three segments, peeling section, grits grinding section and grits grading section. Easy to operate and adjust, and it produce...


6FT-G13 corn cleaning machine

For any food grain processing plant, small or big, a cleaning machine is very necessary. Our company can provide full solution for cleaning process of all kinds of grains. To prepare clean seed, then further grind into flour. We can help wi...


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