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Early in 1986, we invented Chinese first corn peeling and grits milling machine and put into market. We are Chinese first and ONLY factory to research and produce beans peeling machines. We always adhere to self innovation, and control heart technology of this industry, and now develop into an internationally famous machinery producer to process corn, beans and all cereal grain.

We undertake 8tpd to 1000tpd engineering projects, and solve actual technical difficulty for customers around the world. We have 10 categories including more than 60 models. Main category covers beans peeling machine, corn milling machine, corn grits machine, corn flour machines, cleaning machine, etc. Beans peeling machine can peel/de-husk skin from soya beans, garden soya bean, garden peas, gram/mung/moong beans, black eye beans, lentil, black beans, kidney beans, broad beans, etc. We dedicate to researching into better ways of dry peeling various beans and have obtained 22 national invention patents from Chinese government. 

New Products

Main Catloge

  • Beans peeling machine

    Nowadays beans are widely used in high grade cereal flour product, bean food, protein extraction, etc. Following people’s diet change and satisfying people’s pursuit for food nutrient and he...

  • Corn peeling machine
     Lucao High Tech is the first factory in China to undertake research into corn peeling technology. Lucao High Tech is a typic...
  • Corn milling machine

    LUCAO high Tech factory dedicates to corn milling machine researching and producing over 30 years, it is the earliest company who made corn grinders as the priority product of the company. Corn grinders...

  • Flour milling machine

    We have machines to grind flour from corn, wheat and beans. Corn flour machine is our main category. Corn flour is basic material and recipe for food, such as porridge...

  • Complete corn milling plant

    We undertake 30tpd to 1000tpd large steel-structure-type complete corn milling line. We use “final product quality” and “customer profit feedback” as ONLY standard to judge compl...

  • Lentil processing plant

    Remove lentil skin, does not break lentil. Keep original ball shape or crush into halves. Color sorting, grading, polishing and packing. We provide full line for Canada, India, Ethiopia, and Bangla...

  • Grain cleaning machine

    Remove all impurities within corn material, such as stone, metal, dust, dirt, etc by way of magnet, gravity, and wind theory.

  • Packing & finishing machine

    Automatically weigh, fill into the bags and seal the bags of 5kg~10kg. Corn grits, and peeled beans can share the same packing machine. 

  • Rice/corn extruding machine

    Use corn, rice as material, produce tasty crispy snack food. Ideal project for small or roadside business. 

  • Support equipment

    Moisture meter, electric scale, manual sealing machine are helpful.

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