Corn peeling machine
 Lucao High Tech is the first factory in China to undertake research into corn peeling technology. Lucao High Tech is a typical technology innovation oriented enterprise. So far, Lucao High Tech has a maximum number of corn peeling patents, contributes the most to overall improvement of this industry, and supplies the most advanced corn peeling machine with best peeling effect to the markets around the world.
we are the first and lagest corn peeling machine  factory in china. As a corn peeling machine manufacturer and supplier, we can supply corn peeling machine all over the world.

Mature corn seed is composed of root cap, skin layer, germ and endosperm. Root cap takes up 0.8%, skin layer 6~8%, germ 7.6-13.3% (on average 10.6%), endosperm 78~85% of whole corn weight. Corn peeling is the most critical process in corn processing industry. Corn goes into peeling room, and goes through processes of squeezing, pressing, rubbing, cutting, and chafing etc, then gets peeled. During peeling, the peeler polishes corn, and removes skin, germ, root cap, and black hilum. By separation of all these not tasty, not good looking, not nutrient parts, the peeler keeps essence part of corn. Peeled corn kernel is clean, bright in color, emanates natural nice smell, no loss in nutrient, color and taste. It is great corn pre-processing equipment.

Working principle -- dry way corn peeling machine


It is the best and new type corn peeling machine from China. This machine adopts technology to peel corn seed in dry way, and peel very well one time, no need repeat peeling, no need water or soak corn. During peeling, it removes corn skin, and germ, and also polish peeled corn. It provides best material for corn further processing into grits or flour. This is the most critical technology for corn multiple application in various industry. Peeling technology creates a special working room as per property of corn seed nature, peeling is finished in this room. This special peeling mechanism forces corn to stay inside the room unless they are peeled. IN this way, it ensures every corn seed in the machine is well peeled before it goes out of machine. Therefore, it is indeed corn peeling machine specially for corn.