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Peeling/ milling machine manufacturer China

Shandong Kingrunda Machinery Co.,Ltd(山东景润达机械有限公司)is a grain processing machinery manufacturer and factory from China.

We are professional manufacturer of Grain/Bean Dehuling & Peeling Machine, lentil/pea/mung/ faba bean/back eye bean / chick pea soyabean/tiger nut/oat/quinoa/millet/sorghum, Maize Grits Milling Machine, Wheat Flour Milling Machine etc. Driven by foreign trade growth in recent years, we diversify our business and develop very fast. We have established strong and long term cooperation relationship with customers in more than 20 countries or areas including US, UK, Spain, Sweden, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc.

With more than 20 years' industrial experience, business covers wheat flour milling machines (de-stoner, high efficient vibrator, pneumatic rolling mill, square plan-sifter, etc), rice huller and milling machine, batch recycling grain dryer, packing machine, etc. From single small machine to big scale complete turn key projects, we can undertake and provide satisfactory and practical solution at most competitive price.

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Bean peeling machine & corn milling machine manufacturer

We have our own grain peeling machinery factory, mainly producing soybean, mung bean, pea, broad bean and other beans peeling machinery. We can OEM peeling machinery for you. You can become our bean peeling machinery distributor.

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Grain machine unit

From single small peeling/milling machine to big scale complete turn key projects

Puff machine

Seven use puff machine, sugar crisp snack machine, fire burning pop machine, self-cooked rice cake machine, Rice pop machine, Mini ice cream winding pipe puff machine, ball shape puff machine, rice biscuit machine are small machines available in all varieties.

Vegetable cleaning machine unit

We design different cleaning machines for carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, walnuts, seafood, etc.

Custom /OEM food machinery

We provide food machinery custom /OEM and other services. Recruiting agents and distributors worldwide.

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Durable equipment, worry-free after-sales

We have more than 20 years experience in Peeling/milling machine manufacturing and production. We have our own machine factory, with more than 20 experienced technical workers, to develop all kinds of food machinery and equipment. Custom and OEM machinery for you.

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Kingrunda is a Wheat Flour Milling Machine manufacturer

Wheat is an indispensable food source in our daily life. We need Wheat Flour Milling Machine to help us peel and grind wheat in the process of eating wheat. This gave birth to the Wheat Flour Milling Machine. We are a Wheat Flour Milling Machine manufacturer from China, providing small wheat dehulling and milling machines and also one-stop large wheat milling machines. You are welcome to become our distributor of wheat flour milling machinery.

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We are corn milling machine manufacturer China

Corn is nutritious and widely eaten. We are milling machine manufacturer and supplier. Corn is one of the main grains processed by our milling machinery. Our corn milling machinery is widely used. We are recruiting corn milling machinery agents.

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We are a professional manufacturer of Peeling/ milling machine manufacturer China. Welcome to consult us.


Peeling/ milling machine manufacturer China.

We supply custom and OEM Peeling/ milling machine for you.

Maize milling machine price in South Africa

Maize milling machine price in South Africa

Our maize milling machines are very popular in South Africa. Some South Africa customers want to consult the price of our maize milling machines. Here we can give you a reference price.

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Rice milling machine for home

Rice milling machine for home

Rice milling machine refers to a machine that can help brown rice to be peeled and whitened so that it can be used directly. The harvested and sun-dried rice can only be peeled with the help of the ri...

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