We have been supplying 9FC/9FQ/FFC disk mill for all purpose of crushing of all materials in food, animal feed industries. 9FC disk mill is more efficient to grind finer powder than FFC disk mill, getting more and more popular. Technology is very mature and we have developed 10 models including 9FC-230/260/300/320/360/400/500/600/700/800, which can fulfill different capacities for customers.

Features of 9FC disk mill

1.     Simple structure, small volume, light weight, easy to install, use and maintain.

2.     Multiple power choice, such as electric motor, diesel engine. Suitable for rural area to choose available power accordingly.

3.     Wide range of application

1)     Crush all sorts of grain like corn, bean sorghum, etc.

2)     Cut and crush soybean meal, sweet potato vine, peanut vine, peanut shell for animal feed.

3)     Cut and crush fresh sweet potato, fresh fruit, fresh peanut.

4)     Crush chemical material, paper-making pulp.

5)     Crush herbal medicine, gypsum powder.

6)     Crush pepper and other spice material.

4.     Modern design, reliable structure, increase grinding capacity and prolong useful life.

5.     9FC flat teeth is 180°, little resistance, low noise and production capacity is high.

6.     9FC is with wind cyclone which can takes material quickly to the machine and get crushed.

7.     9FC is working in horizontal direction, low noise, low resistance, so lower power consumption.

Work principle

When disk mill is working, round teeth of moving teeth disc is moving between flat teeth of fixed teeth disc. When raw material comes to feed, it is impacted, smashed and rubbed. Finally a substance of powder and grit mixture is discharged out of machine. Line speed of moving teeth is 80-85m/second. Gap between moving teeth and sieve is 16-20mm. Gap between moving teeth and fixed teeth is 3.5mm. The speed and gap is enough to give strong crushing power.

Work process 

Most important part for this disk mill is rotator. Fixed teeth is used for helping crushing. Material flows into silo via a hopper, then into crushing room and get smashed to be crushed during rotation. Crushed material is discharged out of machine at outlet via sieve at gravity and air force.