Best hard disk machine for all kinds products/corn disk mill machine

Best hard disk machine for all kinds products/corn disk mill machine
Best hard disk machine for all kinds products/corn disk mill machine
Best hard disk machine for all kinds products/corn disk mill machine
Best hard disk machine for all kinds products/corn disk mill machine
Best hard disk machine for all kinds products/corn disk mill machine
Best hard disk machine for all kinds products/corn disk mill machine
Best hard disk machine for all kinds products/corn disk mill machine
Production capacity
Peeling performance
Wheat,corn,peanut,rice,corn cob...etc
Machinery factory
Accepting agents
Yes, recruit Peeling/milling machine distributor
This is the best selling hard disc machine for all kinds products. It can mill corn,wheat,peanut,corn cob,husk,hard cover, most products. Capacity is 1000KG/H.
Best hard disk machine for all kinds products/corn disk mill machine

In the realm of grain processing, the demand for efficient and versatile machinery is paramount. The Corn Disk Mill Machine emerges as a powerhouse, designed to handle various products with unparalleled precision and speed. Discover the features and advantages that make this machine the best choice for businesses seeking excellence in grain milling.

1.Corn disk mill machine Product Introduction

9FC-360 corn disk mill machine works with 11kw motor. It is composed of base, motor, grinding plate, hopper, cyclone, etc. Grinding plate is corrugated with fast rotating rotators which effectively crush corn into power. Corn disk mill machine also has a wind blower, self feeding pipe, and output discharger, which makes work easier for operators. Structure is easy, high production capacity, easy to install and operate. Customer can change sieves to control flour fineness.

360-disc- milling-machine.webp

Disc milling Machine with cyclone, this machine has self-priming function. Can save manpower and easy to operate.   

maize-flour- grinder.webp

Crushing machine with electric motor. The final flour thickness is quite fine for cyclone style. It's best for millers.

2.Product Parameter

Main Technical parameter





Usage area

All purpose

Crushing fineness

40-60 mesh



Motor power




Main shaft R/min


Outer diameter of the rotator


Wind blower bearing


Main machine bearing


3.Technical advantage and wide application

Using time can last for 15~20 years. So it is the best ideal milling machine so for.It is mostly widely use crushing machine. In life and industrial activities, it is really an ideal all purpose crushing machine.

1) All kind of grains of corn, sorghum, rice, wheat,bean,corn cob,peanut hard cover...etc.

2) Water soaked soybean.

3) All kind of animal feed

4) Chemical industrial material

5) Herbal medicine

6) Agricultural plant including fresh sweet potato, fresh potato, pepper, fresh fruit, etc.

7) Pepper etc spice material

8) Peanut hull,  rice hull, wheat hull, corn cob, tree bark, leaves, straws.

9) Shrimp, fish powder, sea food

10) Dehydrated vegetables, cakes, tea. Etc.

11) Gypsum powder

12) Metal calcium

13) Wine factory

14) Fish bone factory

4.Scene Picture

corn-flour-milling- machine.webp

Vertical hopper model with diesel engine. Can meet buyer's different request. If the electric power is not enough, you can choose diesel engine.

  • Grain grinding machine.webp

We have different model with different capacity which can meet buyer's different request.  The biggest capacity can meet 8T/H.

5.Flour Milling Image 


Corn flour thickness can reach 0.3mm~1.5mm.It can meet buyer's different request.


Crushing before VS after. Chill crushing before and after. Shell crushing before and after.

6.Company Introduction 

Working procedure.webp

Machine working procedure. We do all the procedures carefully and show the perfect machine to buyers.

Warehouse show.webp

Warehouse show. This machine demand is quite high, we work hard everyday and do our best to satisfied our buyer.

Factory library Show.webp

Factory library show. We produce all kinds of grain processing machines. Not only disc milling machine, but also bean peeling machine,flour milling machine, maize grits milling machine...etc


What types of products can the Corn Disk Mill Machine process?

The machine is designed to handle a variety of products, including corn and various grains. Its multifunctional capability allows for versatility in processing different kinds of products.

How does the robust disk mill technology contribute to efficient milling?

The robust disk mill technology ensures consistent and efficient milling. The precision of the disks results in uniform and high-quality end products, making it a reliable choice for grain processing.

What is the processing speed of the Corn Disk Mill Machine, and how does it impact productivity?

The machine boasts a high processing speed, optimizing productivity for businesses with substantial milling requirements. The efficiency in processing translates to time savings and increased overall output.

Can the machine's settings be adjusted for customization, and how does this benefit the milling process?

Yes, the machine features adjustable settings, allowing operators to customize the milling process based on specific product requirements. This customization ensures flexibility in achieving desired grain sizes and characteristics.

How is the durability of the machine ensured, and what materials are used in its construction?

The Corn Disk Mill Machine is constructed with durable materials to withstand continuous operation. Its sturdy build ensures longevity, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for grain milling.

Is the machine easy to operate, and what about routine maintenance?

The user-friendly interface makes the machine easy to operate, and routine maintenance is simple. Easy navigation of controls and straightforward maintenance contribute to a seamless workflow, reducing downtime.

What types of safety features are integrated into the machine to ensure operator well-being?

The machine prioritizes safety with integrated features and mechanisms that ensure a secure milling environment. Compliance with safety standards guarantees the well-being of operators and aligns with regulatory requirements.

Can the Corn Disk Mill Machine handle products other than corn and grains?

Yes, the machine is versatile and can handle a variety of products, making it suitable for businesses with diverse milling needs.

How does the energy-efficient design of the machine contribute to operational cost savings?

The machine is engineered for energy efficiency, minimizing operational costs. Its design reduces energy consumption during the milling process, contributing to sustainable and cost-effective operations.

Is the pricing of the Corn Disk Mill Machine competitive in the market?

The machine offers competitive pricing, delivering exceptional value for businesses looking to invest in top-tier grain milling equipment. The combination of advanced features and competitive pricing makes it a valuable asset in the grain processing industry.

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My customer really like this machine. Working range quite wide and grinding flour is same as I want.

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