Cast Iron Material High Strength Disk Mill for Sale

Cast Iron Material High Strength Disk Mill for Sale
Cast Iron Material High Strength Disk Mill for Sale
Cast Iron Material High Strength Disk Mill for Sale
Cast Iron Material High Strength Disk Mill for Sale
Cast Iron Material High Strength Disk Mill for Sale
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9FC-360 works with 7.5kw motor. It is composed of base, motor, grinding plate, hopper, cyclone, etc. Grinding plate is corrugated with fast rotating rotators which effectively crush corn into power. It also has a wind blower, self feeding pipe, and output discharger, which makes work easier for operators. Structure is easy, high production capacity, easy to install and operate. Customer can change sieves to control flour fineness.

In the world of grain milling, the choice of machinery is critical to achieving efficiency and precision. The Cast Iron Material High Strength Disk Mill emerges as a stalwart in the industry, embodying durability, strength, and unparalleled milling capabilities. Explore the features and benefits that make this high-strength disk mill a superior choice for businesses seeking optimal performance.

Materials that Disk Mill can process

Dry spices and herbs, herbal medicines containing roots and branches, chemical materials, and some other hard and brittle materials. Such as: grains, maize, wheat, spice, herb, salt, sugar, pepper, walnut shells, cocoa bean, seed, etc.

Disk Mill can process a wide variety of materials. This will help you a lot to improve your Disk Mill utilization.

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Disk Mill for Sale structure

The main part of the corn flour disk mill is its grinding chamber. There are oblate gears inside grinding chamber. With the motor starting, main shaft connect with disk will rotate together with it at the same time. Material will be beat into fine powder, and come out of machine. If some residues not be broken into fine powder (means larger than holes on sieve). It will be back to chamber to be beat again, until broken into powder very fine.

The structure of the whole disc mill is very simple, and its performance is indeed very superior. If you purchase Disk Mill for Sale then this will be your premium choice.


Selected high quality Disk Mill for Sale

1. High quality Cyclone with no mechanican parts inside, easy to maintain separation efficiency up to 95%

2. Cast iron material super quality, durable and durable, quality assurance,anti-corrosion

3. High-quality fan High efficiency, low noise absorption, long life,stable operation and long cycle

If you purchase a Disk Mill for Sale, then be sure to consider the performance of the machine. The higher the quality of the product, the lower the probability of failure, and the lower the maintenance cost of after-sales service in the future, which can save you a lot of money. So be sure to purchase high-quality Disk Mill for Sale.



HIgh quality miling system


Disk Mill Technical parameter

Main Technial parameter





Usage area

All purpose

Crushing fineness

40-60 mesh



Motor power




Main shaft R/min


Outer diameter of the rotator


Wind blower bearing


Main machine bearing


T type long flat teeth qty


T type short flat teeth qty


Through the pictures you can clearly see the internal structure of the disk mill. High quality disk mill machinery will save you a lot of money. Expand profit margins.

Our Cast Iron Material High Strength Disk Mill is offered at competitive pricing, providing businesses with exceptional value. The combination of advanced features, durability, and competitive pricing makes it a wise investment in grain milling machinery.

For businesses seeking uncompromising strength, precision, and durability in grain milling, the Cast Iron Material High Strength Disk Mill stands as a testament to excellence. Elevate your grain processing operations with this powerful and versatile machine, setting new benchmarks in the world of high-strength disk milling.


What makes the cast iron construction of the disk mill advantageous?

The cast iron material provides robustness and high strength to the disk mill, ensuring durability and longevity. This construction enables the machine to withstand heavy-duty milling operations.

How does the high-strength disk technology contribute to the milling process?

The high-strength disk technology enhances the milling capabilities of the machine, enabling powerful and precise grain processing. This feature contributes to consistent results and the ability to handle various grains.

Is the disk mill versatile enough to process different types of grains?

Yes, the disk mill is designed for versatility and excels in processing various grains, including corn, wheat, and more. Its adaptability makes it a reliable solution for businesses with diverse grain milling needs.

Can the grinding settings be adjusted to achieve customized grain sizes?

Yes, the disk mill features adjustable grinding settings, allowing operators to tailor the milling process to meet specific grain size requirements. This customization feature ensures flexibility in end product characteristics.

How is the operation of the disk mill and routine maintenance simplified for users?

The disk mill is designed for user convenience, featuring easy operation and straightforward maintenance. Intuitive controls simplify operation, and routine maintenance is uncomplicated, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent performance.

What is the purpose of the efficient cooling mechanism in the disk mill?

The efficient cooling mechanism prevents overheating during extended milling sessions, maintaining optimal performance. This feature is crucial for ensuring the longevity of the machine and continuous operation.

How does the disk mill achieve precision in grain size control?

The high-strength disks contribute to precision in grain size control, producing uniform and high-quality end products. This precision is essential for meeting the stringent standards of the grain processing industry.

Is the disk mill designed with energy efficiency in mind?

Yes, the disk mill is engineered for energy efficiency, minimizing operational costs. Its design reduces energy consumption during the milling process, contributing to sustainable and cost-effective operations.

What safety features are integrated into the disk mill to ensure secure operation?

The disk mill prioritizes safety with integrated features that ensure secure operation, meeting industry standards and providing a safe milling environment for operators.

How does the pricing of the Cast Iron Material High Strength Disk Mill compare, and what value does it offer?

The disk mill is offered at competitive pricing, providing exceptional value for businesses. The combination of advanced features, durability, and competitive pricing makes it a wise investment in grain milling machinery. For specific pricing information, please contact us.

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