1000-1500kg/h Barley / wheat peeling machine

1000-1500kg/h Barley / wheat peeling machine
1000-1500kg/h Barley / wheat peeling machine
1000-1500kg/h Barley / wheat peeling machine
1000-1500kg/h Barley / wheat peeling machine
1000-1500kg/h Barley / wheat peeling machine
1000-1500kg/h Barley / wheat peeling machine
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A machine used to remove the outer layers of wheat, such as the bran or husk, is typically referred to as a "wheat skin removing machine" or a "wheat dehuller." The purpose of these machines is to separate the outer layers from the inner, edible part of the wheat kernel
1000-1500kg/h Barley / wheat peeling machine

Introduction for wheat/barley peeling machine

Introduction: It can process many kinds of beans, such as, Millet, Barley, Wheat, Sorghum, Lentil, Quinoa, Corn, Chickpea,etc

It is composed of peeling system, pressure control system, wind separation system, and kernel receiving system. With this one machine, it can automatically finish peeling and dust control etc. Besides corn, wheat, barley, it peels very successfully for soya beans, green peas, black soya beans, lentils, black eye beans,gram, mung beans, chickpeas, etc. This technology has filled the blank for cereal grain peeling industry. It is the most advanced beans peeling equipment. This machine can not only work independently, but also can be designed as a peeling team in large production capacity which can accommodate with large beans processing plants.

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The principle of a barley peeling machine involves the process of removing the outer husk to obtain a purer barley kernel. Here is the basic principle of a barley peeling machine:

  1. Feeding: Initially, untreated barley is fed into the inlet of the peeling machine.

  2. Breaking the Outer Husk: Inside the peeling machine, barley undergoes a series of mechanical operations, typically involving friction, vibration, or pressure, to crush or strip away the outer husk. This step may also involve wet processing of barley to soften the husk, making it easier to remove.

  3. Separation of the Outer Husk: Once the barley's outer husk is broken or removed, the peeling machine uses air, vibration, or other separation methods to distinguish between the barley kernel and the husk. This can be achieved by adjusting the machine's airspeed or vibration frequency.

  4. Collection of Cleaned Barley: After the separation of the husk, the peeling machine collects the cleaned barley kernel, typically through an outlet.


Usage Area for barley/wheat peeling machine

Each bean has different nature, property, and hardness, so they need different technology and machines to remove or separate skins or covers.

  After more than 10 years development, we have really nice bean peeling machines. These machines are designed to peel by dry way, no need water. Peel clean, low loss, save energy, high percentage of extraction rate.

 lentil, gram (moong / mung, soya bean, green peas, corn, wheat, barley, sorghum, black pepper, chickpeas, black eye bean(Please refer to follow photo).

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Function for barley/wheat peeling machine

  1. Flour Production: Peeled wheat kernels are often a primary ingredient in the production of flour. Flour is a fundamental component in many food products, including bread, pastries, noodles, and more. Removing the outer husk improves the texture and taste of the flour.

  2. Food Processing: Peeled wheat can be used to prepare various food products such as cereals, breakfast foods, snacks, and other processed foods. This includes the production of oatmeal, cereal bars, biscuits, and more.

  3. Feed Production: Wheat kernels can be utilized as feed for poultry, livestock, and other animals. Removing the outer husk enhances the nutritional value of the wheat kernels and makes them more digestible for animals.

  4. Brewing: Some peeled wheat kernels may be employed in the production of beer or other fermented beverages. These kernels, known as malt, are a crucial ingredient in the brewing process.

  5. Other Industrial Applications: Wheat kernels can also find applications in industrial production, such as the manufacture of starch, wheat bran fiber, biofuels, and more.

Overall, peeled wheat kernels have widespread applications in the food industry, feed production, and various industrial sectors, depending on the specific end products being produced.

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