2021 Hot sell corn maize grits milling making machine

2021 Hot sell corn maize grits milling making machine
2021 Hot sell corn maize grits milling making machine
2021 Hot sell corn maize grits milling making machine

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6FT-PD1C is a top grade technology corn grits making machine. It is composed of four systems: peeling system, grinding system, 

grading system and  dust removal system. This machine breaks the convention. The peeling system and grinding system can work

 independently, which saves electricity. also increases the service life of the machine. The machine is beautiful  appearancesturdy 

and durable,easy to opearate and reliable  performanceAfter crushing and polshing, the finished grits are golden in color and 

uniform in grain,The finished grits no skinno germ no black hilumno flour,which can be sold directly in large supermarket . 

The newly added stepless crushing system, four wind net dust removal system and secondary reserve dust removal system can 

make 22 kinds of  corn grits.

Fine endosperm corn flour



Technical Advantages

1. Production capacity is up to 600kg/hour. Machine is most powerful, and biggest capacity.

2. The peeling system and grinding system can work independently

3. Peel dry way.

4. Peeling quality excellent. After peeling, corn has no skin, no corn germ, root and hilum.

5. Grits has no black hilum.

6. Fine grits has no skin, no flour.

7. Acrylic window design for easy watching over peeling result.

8. Peeling performance rate is up to 98%.

9. Special grits milling mechanism to grind corn evenly into grits.

10. Thick iron sheet strong body, machine not shake during running.

11. Powder coat finish for machine outside, anti-scratch, durable, nice looking.

12. Grinding handwheel turn to control different sizes of grits.

13. Wind insert plate to control wind capacity which helps take out bran/skin from grits.




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