6FT-1728 Economic industrial corn grinder wheat flour mill machine for Africa

6FT-1728 Economic industrial corn grinder wheat flour mill machine for Africa
6FT-1728 Economic industrial corn grinder wheat flour mill machine for Africa
6FT-1728 Economic industrial corn grinder wheat flour mill machine for Africa
6FT-1728 is most popular model that is suitable for flour grinding purpose. It adopts double roller grinding theory

Our 6FT-1728 model represents the pinnacle of economic efficiency and industrial-grade performance in corn grinding and wheat flour milling machines. Specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the African market, this machine is engineered to deliver superior results while optimizing production costs. Let's delve into the features and benefits of this remarkable equipment.


6FT-1728 is most popular model that is suitable for flour grinding purpose. It adopts double roller grinding 

theory. Two rollers rotates at opposite direction, and produces friction, squeeze, cutting to crush grain, then 

send to round sifter for extracting flour. All process goes under wind automatically. It is composed of power,

 feeding, grinding and separating. Capacity is big, flour quality is good. Suitable for business in agricultural 

areas, villages or small city towns.  


Economic Design: The 6FT-1728 is engineered with an economic design that prioritizes cost-effectiveness without compromising on performance. It offers exceptional value for money, making it an ideal choice for businesses operating in Africa.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of industrial use, the 6FT-1728 features a durable construction that ensures long-term reliability and performance, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.


Industrial-Grade Performance: With its robust construction and powerful motor, this machine delivers industrial-grade performance, capable of grinding corn and milling wheat with ease, even in high-demand environments.

High Efficiency: Equipped with advanced grinding and milling mechanisms, this machine operates with high efficiency, ensuring rapid processing of grains to meet production demands.



Versatile Functionality: The 6FT-1728 is a multi-functional machine, capable of both corn grinding and wheat flour milling, offering versatility to meet diverse production needs.

User-Friendly Operation: Despite its industrial-grade capabilities, this machine is designed for easy operation, with intuitive controls and ergonomic features that simplify the milling process.

The 6FT-1728 Economic Industrial Corn Grinder Wheat Flour Mill Machine is the perfect solution for businesses looking to optimize their grain processing operations in Africa. With its economic design, industrial-grade performance, and versatile functionality, it offers exceptional value and reliability, empowering businesses to thrive in the competitive market landscape. 

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At our company, we specialize in providing economic industrial corn grinder wheat flour mill machines tailored specifically for the African market. With a keen understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by businesses in Africa, we have developed advanced machinery that offers exceptional performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Our machines are meticulously engineered to deliver high-quality results while optimizing production costs, empowering businesses to thrive in the competitive grain processing industry. Backed by decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to supporting the growth and success of our customers across Africa by providing top-of-the-line milling solutions and unparalleled service. If you are interested in our products, contact us below!

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What is the capacity of the 6FT-1728 machine?

The capacity of the 6FT-1728 machine varies depending on factors such as the type of grain being processed and the desired fineness of the output. Please consult with our sales team for specific capacity information tailored to your needs.

Is the machine suitable for grinding other grains besides corn and wheat?

While the primary focus of the 6FT-1728 machine is on grinding corn and milling wheat, it may also be suitable for processing other grains such as barley, sorghum, and millet. However, please note that performance may vary, and it's best to consult with our experts for guidance on specific grain processing requirements.

What is the power source required for operating the machine?

The 6FT-1728 machine typically operates on electric power and requires a standard power supply compatible with its specifications. Please ensure that your facility has the necessary electrical infrastructure to support the machine's power requirements.

Does the machine come with a warranty?

Yes, the 6FT-1728 machine comes with a standard warranty period to cover manufacturing defects and ensure customer satisfaction. Warranty terms may vary, so please refer to the warranty documentation provided with the machine for detailed information.

Is technical support available for installation and operation?

Absolutely! We provide comprehensive technical support to assist with installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the 6FT-1728 machine. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring that you get the most out of your investment and achieve optimal performance from the machine.

Can the machine be customized to suit specific requirements?

Yes, we offer customization options for the 6FT-1728 machine to meet specific grain processing needs and facility requirements. Whether it's adjusting the capacity, fineness of grinding, or other features, our team can work with you to tailor the machine to your specifications.

What safety features are included with the machine?

The 6FT-1728 machine is equipped with various safety features to ensure operator safety and prevent accidents during operation. These may include emergency stop buttons, protective covers, and safety interlocks, among others.

How can I order the 6FT-1728 machine for my business?

To place an order or inquire about the 6FT-1728 machine, please contact our sales team through email, phone, or our website. Our representatives will be happy to assist you with your requirements and provide a competitive quotation tailored to your needs.

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