6FT-C2 corn milling machine philippines

6FT-C2 corn milling machine philippines
6FT-C2 corn milling machine philippines
6FT-C2 corn milling machine philippines
7.5kw, 3p
2000-3000 USD
Machinery factory
Accepting agents
Yes, recruit Peeling/milling machine distributor
6FT-C2 is an economic corn mill machine for philippines, suitable for rural areas. 6FT-C2 mill machine is made in blue iron sheet, weight is light, easy to move. Corn mill machine produces good quality of de-hulled corn seed, corn grits and corn flour.It is very suitable for operating in the Philippine market.

In the picturesque landscapes of the Philippines, where corn is a staple in the culinary tapestry, Our 6FT-C2 Corn Milling Machine emerges as a beacon of efficiency and innovation. This specialized equipment is designed to transform corn kernels into a variety of products, catering to the diverse needs of the local market. 

Product description

This 6FT-C2 corn milling machine is very popular in the Philippine market. Corn is one of the nutritious coarse grains. Filipino people who pay more and more attention to nutrition and health prefer refined corn. The demand of the market promotes the demand for corn milling machinery. Our milling machinery agents need to sell machinery to expand their scale. Farmers, grain stores, restaurants and farmers process corn mechanically through corn milling to meet the needs of different traits of corn.


If you want to buy 6FT-C2 corn milling machinery for Philippines

You can study the mechanical parameters carefully.




Corn mill machine and grits making machine





Production capacity


Motor power

7.5kw, 3p

Peeling performance

Approx. 95%

Peeling way

Dry way, no need water

Peeling perfomance



Semi automatic


Wheat, rice, corn, soyabean, yellow   peas, etc

Usage scope

Small sized food processing plant

Overall size


Quality assurance

1 year


CE, ISO9001, SGS

Net weight



6FT-C2 Corn milling machinery function philippines

  1. Peel corn to remove skin, germ and hilum and polish.

  2. Grind corn into grits

  3. Grade/sifter grits in one endosperm flour and two sizes grits (two size volume rate is adjustable.)

  4. These functions are very popular in the Philippine market.

6FT-C2 Corn milling machine technical advantage

  1. Low cost machine for easy investment.

  2. Multi purpose to grind wheat, rice, corn.

  3. Compact structure, easy to operate,  0% failure rate, suitable for export. No risk for after-sale service.

  4. Pressure adjusting system to control peeling rate and peeling result.

  5. Grinding section is equipped with a adjusting handle of 4-5 gears, at each gear, it determines sizes of grits outcome.

  6. Two sizes of grits, one endosperm flour are output product.

As the sun sets over the cornfields of the Philippines, the 6FT-C2 Corn Milling Machine stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and technology. It weaves efficiency into the fabric of corn processing, ensuring that the rich flavors of locally produced corn products continue to grace Filipino tables. In this symphony of innovation and tradition, the 6FT-C2 Corn Milling Machine takes center stage, heralding a new era in the vibrant corn industry of the Philippines.

Corn milling machine for sale in Philippines

If you want to run a corn flour business, you only need a few places. With little electricity and investment, you can make a long-term profit.

If you plan to sell our corn milling machinery in the Philippines, we can provide the most favorable conditions and after-sales service;

If you own restaurants, grain stores and farms in the Philippines and are planning to start the corn flour business, we will give you the most comprehensive guidance plan, because it can increase the profit and use effect of your business;

If you are a farmer in the Philippines and are ready to purchase corn milling machinery for your own use or to increase an income, then we can sell it to you and provide professional services.


What is the 6FT-C2 Corn Milling Machine, and what is its primary function?

The 6FT-C2 Corn Milling Machine is specialized equipment designed for the processing of corn. Its primary function is to transform corn kernels into various products, including corn flour, corn grits, and corn bran.

How versatile is the machine in processing corn?

The machine is highly versatile, capable of processing corn into different products to meet diverse culinary preferences. It can produce corn flour and corn grits, making it suitable for a range of applications in the Philippines.

What makes the 6FT-C2 Corn Milling Machine efficient in corn grinding?

The machine is engineered for high-efficiency corn grinding, ensuring a swift and thorough process that results in fine corn flour and grits. This efficiency is achieved through its advanced design and grinding mechanism.

Can operators adjust the fineness of the corn flour and grits produced by the machine?

Yes, the machine is equipped with adjustable fineness settings, providing operators with the flexibility to customize the texture and fineness of the corn flour and grits based on specific culinary applications and preferences.

Is the 6FT-C2 Corn Milling Machine suitable for small processing facilities with limited space?

Yes, the machine features a compact design, optimizing space efficiency. This makes it suitable for processing facilities with limited workspace, contributing to its adaptability in various settings.

How durable is the construction of the machine?

The 6FT-C2 Corn Milling Machine is constructed from durable materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. Its robust build is designed to withstand continuous operation.

Is the operation of the machine user-friendly?

Yes, the machine is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to operators with varying levels of technical expertise. Intuitive controls simplify the corn milling process, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Does the machine prioritize energy efficiency during the corn milling process?

Yes, the 6FT-C2 Corn Milling Machine is engineered for energy efficiency, optimizing power consumption during the corn milling process. This not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with sustainable practices.

How does the machine separate corn bran efficiently?

The machine incorporates an efficient corn bran separation mechanism, ensuring that the final corn flour and grits are free from unwanted particles. This contributes to the production of high-quality and clean corn products.

Does the 6FT-C2 Corn Milling Machine comply with safety standards?

Yes, the machine adheres to the highest safety standards, prioritizing the well-being of operators. It also ensures that the processed corn products meet stringent quality and hygiene requirements for consumer safety.

How does the machine contribute to the growth of the local corn industry in the Philippines?

By enhancing efficiency in corn processing, the 6FT-C2 Corn Milling Machine plays a pivotal role in supporting the growth of the local corn industry. It empowers businesses, contributes to economic development, and meets the rising demand for corn products in the Philippines.

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