Low loss high extraction rate lentil peeling machine
Low loss high extraction rate lentil peeling machine
Low loss high extraction rate lentil peeling machine
Lentil small in size, skin very thin, skin must be removed before eating. In Africa people remove lentil skin by hand, in other countries, people use traditional technology and machine to remove, we have studied nature of lentil and have new high technology to peel it with high efficiency.
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Low loss high extraction rate lentil peeling machine

Kingrunda team dedicates to researching into dehulling and peeling lentil. Lentil are more and more popular in peoples daily life. Also China import large amount of lentil these days. With more than 10 years lentil research experience, our company has had mature technology and process to help customer set up lentil processing factory.

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Technical advantages

1Our patent and heart technology for peeling and splitting.
2Low power, perfect processing quality.
3Totally dry way process, no need water.
4Fully run automatically, easy to operate.
5Ground one floor stand up design, compact structure, easy to maintain.
6Cleaning, peeling,color sorting, splitting, polishing, grading packing   


Our factory locates in Caoxian, Shandong, China, welcome to visit us and do tests to learn the technology.

Or, send us emailto sales@kingrunda.com


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