Maize milling machine price in South Africa

Maize milling machine price in South Africa
Our maize milling machines are very popular in South Africa. Some South Africa customers want to consult the price of our maize milling machines. Here we can give you a reference price.

Maize milling machine can not only process corns but also a variety of grains, including sesame, walnut, black rice, rice, soybean (soybean), mung bean, black bean, peanut, lotus seed, corn, sorghum, barley, oat, buckwheat, water chestnut, etc. Using this machine, you can mill all kinds of medicinal materials, including almond, barley, Gorgon, Chinese yam, red dates, hawthorn, wolfberry, Poria, Shouwu, donkey-hide gelatin, frankincense, dodder, angelica, Codonopsis, Astragalus, Ganoderma lucidum, Tianma, etc. Various seasoning raw materials, including prickly ash, cloves, star anise, ginger, chili pepper, pepper, Amomum, cinnamon, dried tangerine peel, Shannai, cardamom, cumin, garlic, angelica, etc. are suitable to process with thie maize milling machine.

Maize milling machine can be adapted to many applications. Maize milling machine is suitable for rural and small grain and feed processing operations, and is used in grain and oil markets, supermarkets, schools, institutions, canteens and other units.

Our maize milling machines are very popular in South Africa, such as Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cameroon, Liberia, Ghana, etc. There are often some South Africa customers to consult the price of our maize milling machines. Here, let's talk about the prices of our maize milling machines in main models. Because the price of the machine is usually subject to some changes due to the influence of raw materials, manufacturing process, freight, etc. We can just give you a reference price.

6FT-1728 maize milling machine price

6FT-1728 maize milling machine is very popular in South Africa. Due to its powerful functions and relatively cheap price, it has a broad market prospect. Whether you have a flour mill or a farmer, you can buy a small corn mill to expand the scale of grain processing. The price is about USD 2300.

6FT-35 maize milling machine price

6FT-35 maize milling machine is a complete set of engineering equipment that takes corn as raw material and processes corn grains into corn grains and corn flour. The price is around USD2700.

6FT-40 maize milling machine price

6FT-40 maize milling machine is a high-end technology corn flour manufacturing machine. It consists of four systems: stripping system, grinding system, grading system and dedusting system. The stripping system and grinding system can work independently, saving power. It can also prolong the service life of the machine. The machine is beautiful in appearance, durable, easy to operate and reliable in performance. After crushing and grinding, the finished sand is golden and even in the grain. The finished sand has no skin, bacteria, black hilum and flour, and can be directly sold in large supermarkets. This machine’s price is about USD 3400.

6FT-50 maize milling machine price

6FT-50 maize milling machine is an economical corn mill suitable for the South Africa, which is suitable for rural areas. The 6FT-50 mill is made of blue sheet iron, which is light in weight and easy to move. The corn grinder produces good quality shelled corn seeds, corn flour and corn flour. It is very suitable to operate in the South Africa market. This machine’s price is USD 3700.

6FT-50B maize milling machine price

6FT-50B maize milling machine for South Africa has powerful functions and low price. We provide a corn milling machine with powerful functions and easy maintenance. The price is about USD 5800, which is a very powerful market in South Africa.

6FT-50C top grade automatic maize flour mill corn grinding milling machine for Africa

6FT-50C top grade automatic maize flour mill corn grinding milling machine is for high grade market. It places on ground, feed material from ground, no need elevator. Receive flour, bran from ground, easy to operate. It can produce wheat and cereal grain flour, wheat semolina flour, standard life. Flour fineness can be adjusted from 90 mesh to 120mesh. It is specially designed for Africa market. The price is around USD 4800.

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