400kg/hout Flour mill machine for small business

400kg/hout Flour mill machine for small business
400kg/hout Flour mill machine for small business
400kg/hout Flour mill machine for small business
400kg/hout Flour mill machine for small business
400kg/hout Flour mill machine for small business
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A high-efficiency wheat flour mill machine is a great help for your small business. The output of 400 kg/hour can greatly increase the profit of your small business, multi-functional processing of grain, not letting your wheat milling machine idle, and obtaining more customers in demand, which is conducive to the growth of your business.

In the world of small businesses, having the right tools and equipment can make all the difference in achieving success. Our 400kg/h Flour Mill Machine is a powerful and versatile solution designed to empower small businesses in the food industry. This article provides an in-depth look at the features and advantages of our product, illustrating how it can transform small-scale operations.

Starting a small flour business is not that difficult. First of all, you need to apply for the corresponding license in your local area and choose a suitable venue. Then find us to purchase a high-quality wheat flour milling machine. For example, our 6FT-40 wheat FLour milling machine, which output of wheat flour can reach 400 kg per hour.

Introducing the 6FT-40 Wheat Flour Milling Machine

With nearly 30 years of manufacturing expertise, we proudly present the 6FT-40 Wheat Flour Milling Machine, a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

Key Features

Three Feeding Rollers: This flour milling machine features three feeding rollers, ensuring even and consistent grain feed. This not only enhances the milling process but also extends the useful life of the rollers, making it a cost-effective choice.

Horizontal Silo: The machine is equipped with a horizontal silo, eliminating the need for digging into the ground. This feature simplifies installation and reduces the overall complexity of setup.

Synchronous Belt Drive: The synchronous belt drive not only conserves energy but also reduces noise during operation. It's a choice that aligns with our commitment to efficiency and performance.

High-Capacity Blower: Equipped with a 3kw high-capacity blower, this machine ensures not only big production capacity but also better flour quality. The enhanced airflow guarantees a smooth and efficient milling process.

Big Silo: The spacious silo comes with a low silo height, which contributes to ease of operation and convenience during the milling process.

User-Friendly Design: The 6FT-40 boasts a user-friendly design with a nice appearance, making it not only easy to install but also ensuring stable and reliable operation.

Versatile Grain Processing

The 6FT-40 Wheat Flour Milling Machine is not limited to wheat alone. It is a versatile machine capable of processing various grains, including corn. This flexibility positions it as an essential tool for corn and wheat milling operations.

Double-Roll Grinding

The 6FT-40 employs double-roll grinding technology, producing finely milled powder with a fineness ranging from 40-160 mesh. The ability to achieve very fine powder makes it particularly suitable for small and medium-sized manufacturers who require precision and quality in their flour products.

With its rich manufacturing heritage and dedication to innovation, the 6FT-40 Wheat Flour Milling Machine embodies efficiency, quality, and versatility. It caters to the needs of both small and medium-sized manufacturers, offering precise milling solutions for various grains. Its user-friendly design and cost-effective operation make it an indispensable addition to the world of flour milling machinery.


6FT-40 wheat flour milling machine have Two FLour sieve


This wheat flour milling machine can make corn flour,wheat flour , black eye bean flour ,black pepper flour ,mung bean flour and other flour.

Please refer follow photo.

Because of the Two FLour sieves, the efficiency of the wheat milling machine will be higher. If you have limited funds, buying such a wheat flour mill for your business is very cost-effective and value-for-money. Higher efficiency comes with higher profits.

Multipurpose flour mill machine for small business 

Flour mill machine for small business needs this milling machine to process a variety of grains, which can make full use of the machine. Can meet the different needs of different customers. Of course, you can use Flour mill machine to process only wheat flour according to the actual situation of your business.

flour milling machine.png

From the comparison chart, we can clearly see that this milling machine can not only process corn and wheat, but also process a variety of grains.

If you are in the corn and wheat flour milling business, you can purchase a Corn mazie wheat flour milling machine, which can not only achieve an efficiency of 400kg/hout, but also process a variety of grains to create more benefits.

6FT-40 corn and wheat FLour milling machine Technical parameter

NameAutomatic flour grinding machine
Production capacity300-400kg/hour
Motor power13.2kw-15kw, 3p
Grinding typedouble roller technology
AutomationFully automatic
UsageGrind flour from wheat, rice, corn, soyabean, yellow peas, etc
Usage scopebig sized food processing plant
Overall size2450x1200x3400mm
Final flour fineness40-160 mesh
Package typePlywood case
Package size2.7x1.1x1.9m
Quality assurance1 year 
CertificationCE, ISO9001, SGS
Net weight900kg

For your business, you can check the performance parameters of wheat flour milling machines. If you need to change, you can contact our experts.

The process of grinding wheat into flour with wheat flour milling machine

Feed the sifted and washed wheat into the funnel of the wheat flour milling machine.

Grinding Operations After the wheat kernels are selected and tempered with water, the bran, endosperm and malt can be separated and ground. Because the endosperm is tightly bound to the bran, be careful when separating to minimize damage and peel and scrape clean to avoid waste.

The whole process is divided into coarse grinding, cleaning and fine grinding. Coarse grinding is to use two toothed steel roller shafts to rotate at different speeds in opposite directions (the upper roller shaft is 21/2 times faster than the lower roller shaft) to slightly crack the outer skin of the wheat kernels, and take out the coarse and flat grains. For the large flaky bran, pure endosperm grains are retained by using different specific gravity through purification and selection machine. The light bran will float up with the injected wind, and the remaining heavier endosperm powder will enter the Reduction stage. First, the endosperm is flattened by a smooth rolling mill and ground into fine powder. The flattened malt is released by a malt separator (this is a job that stone mills could not do before). The fine powder is classified into types and grades by a multi-layer plane rotary sifter. Coarse grains are reground (or used for bran); fine grains are used as low-value flour; coarse pieces are reprocessed to remove malt and ground into fine pieces; fine pieces are then ground into fine flour.

This wheat flour milling machine can reach an output of 400 kg per hour. This can greatly improve your productivity and profits.

Our 400kg/h Flour Mill Machine is a game-changer for small businesses in the food industry. Its efficiency, compact design, ease of use, and adaptability to various grains make it an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs aiming to scale their operations. In a world where small businesses are the backbone of the economy, our Flour Mill Machine empowers them to thrive, providing high-quality flour that meets consumer demands while keeping operational costs in check. It's not just a machine; it's a partner in growth for small businesses.


What is the 400kg/hour Flour Mill Machine, and what is its primary function?

The 400kg/hour Flour Mill Machine is a milling device designed for small businesses. Its primary function is to process grains, such as wheat and maize, into flour efficiently.

How much flour can this machine produce in an hour?

As the name suggests, this machine has a milling capacity of 400 kilograms of flour per hour.

What types of grains can this machine process?

This machine is capable of processing various grains, with a primary focus on wheat and maize. It's adaptable to different grains, depending on the specific requirements of the business.

What are the key advantages of using this machine for small businesses?

The advantages include its high efficiency, compact design, ease of use, adaptability to different grains, cost-effectiveness, and durability, all of which are essential for small businesses.

Is this machine suitable for new entrants to the milling industry, or does it require specialized knowledge to operate?

This machine is designed to be user-friendly, making it suitable for both new entrants and experienced individuals in the milling industry. Its intuitive controls and straightforward setup reduce the learning curve.

Can this machine be used for a variety of flour types, such as all-purpose flour or specialized flour grades?

Yes, this machine allows you to produce different flour grades, offering versatility to meet market demands. It can produce all-purpose flour as well as specialized flour types.

Is it cost-effective for small businesses in terms of power consumption and overall operation costs?

Yes, the machine is designed with cost-effectiveness in mind. It minimizes power consumption, helping small businesses control operational costs and maximize profitability.

What is the expected lifespan of this machine, and how should it be maintained for longevity?

The machine is built to be durable, and its lifespan depends on usage and maintenance. Routine maintenance includes keeping it clean, checking for wear and tear, and ensuring all parts are in good working condition. Specific maintenance recommendations are likely to be provided in the machine's manual.

Is this machine suitable for businesses in both rural and urban settings?

Yes, its compact design makes it adaptable for use in various settings, whether in rural or urban milling environments. Its small footprint allows it to fit into confined spaces.

Can this machine contribute to market expansion for small businesses?

Absolutely. The machine's adaptability, high productivity, and quality output allow small businesses to diversify their product range, explore new opportunities, and meet growing market demands.

The 400kg/hour Flour Mill Machine is tailored to meet the specific needs of small businesses in the food industry. Its efficiency, versatility, and user-friendliness make it a valuable asset for entrepreneurs looking to grow their milling operations and meet consumer demands with high-quality flour products.

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