6FT-100A Wheat stone flour mill machine

6FT-100A Wheat stone flour mill machine
6FT-100A Wheat stone flour mill machine
6FT-100A Wheat stone flour mill machine
6FT-100A Wheat stone flour mill machine
6FT-100A Wheat stone flour mill machine
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Stone flour machine grinding natural flour processing: ultra-low temperature grinding, taste flexibility, full of wheat flavor, higher nutritional content, is the real natural green nutritional food
In the realm of flour milling, the choice of machinery can significantly impact the quality of the final product. When it comes to wheat flour, there's no compromise on quality. The 6FT-100A Wheat Stone Flour Mill Machine stands out as a top-tier choice, revolutionizing the wheat milling process. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of this remarkable machine that has gained recognition for its efficiency and superior flour quality.

1.Video display of 6FT-100A stone grinding mill

2.The intruction of 6FT-100A stone grinding mil

Stone milling is an ancient technique that has stood the test of time for one simple reason: it produces exceptional flour. The 6FT-100A embraces this tradition by employing precision stone mills, traditionally made from granite. These stones work in harmony to grind wheat kernels into fine flour, preserving the natural flavors, nutrients, and quality of the grain.

One of the key advantages of the 6FT-100A is its remarkable ability to produce high-nutrition value flour. Unlike large steel mills, this stone mill's gentle grinding process ensures that the wheat's natural nutrients and flavors are retained, resulting in a superior quality flour that's not just nutritious but also incredibly flavorful.

While rooted in tradition, the 6FT-100A doesn't shy away from modern technology. It offers an integrated and fully automated system that combines cleaning and milling processes, streamlining production. The mill operates at low rotary speeds and utilizes Cryogenic grinding. This combination preserves grain flavor, nutrition, and the crucial proteins and carbohydrates.

The beauty of the 6FT-100A lies in its versatility. It can process a wide variety of grains, extending its application beyond wheat. This machine is equally adept at handling wheat, corn, maize, beans, buckwheat, oats, soybeans, sorghum, barley, and more. Its adaptability makes it an invaluable tool for diverse food processing operations.

The 6FT-100A Stone Grinding Mill is a bridge between tradition and innovation, preserving the essence of stone milling while embracing the advantages of modern technology. With precision stone milling, superior nutrition retention, and versatility in processing various grains, it is a cornerstone in the world of flour production. This isn't just a machine; it's an assurance of quality, flavor, and nutrition. If you're looking to elevate your flour milling operation and offer your customers the finest, most nutritious flour, the 6FT-100A is your trusted partner on this journey. Contact us today to explore how this exceptional stone mill can transform your flour production and enhance the quality of your products.


3.Advantages of 6FT-100A Stone flour mill

1. Stone mill flour machine grinding natural flour processing: ultra-low temperature grinding, taste flexibility, full of wheat flavor, higher nutritional content, is the real natural green nutritional food


2. The stone mill flour machine is made of stone mill discs with a long history and traditional handicrafts. It is a veritable natural green pollution-free wheat flour without any additives.


3. The low-speed grinding characteristics of the stone mill flour machine keep the spatial structure of wheat flour from being damaged, so its pink color is pure and natural, the water gluten is improved, delicate, has an initial wheat fragrance, and the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body The advantages.


4. The stone mill flour machine does not need any additives. When cooking noodles, the color of the noodle soup processed by flour is light yellow, while the color of the other noodle soup with additives is milky white. The stone mill flour machine preserves the original ecology of wheat.


5. All kinds of pasta produced by the stone-milled flour machine are flexible in taste, full of wheat flavor, and have higher nutritional content. They are truly natural and green nutritious food.


6. The flour milled by the stone mill flour machine is different. The number of revolutions of the stone mill disc is only a dozen revolutions per minute, resulting in much less heat than when the equipment is produced and processed, and the original ecology of the wheat is preserved.


4.Raw material for processing


The flour that wheat gets from a stone mill is called whole wheat flour

Whole wheat flour refers to the natural color flour that does not add whitening agent (benzoic acid peroxide) and gluten enhancer (potassium peroxide) to the flour. That is, how much weight of wheat can be used to produce wheat with bran. The crude fiber in wheat flour is the most beneficial to human health, and it is also true for diabetics. The so-called "flour" is the white flour made from wheat after removing the bran, and then separated into various grades for sale in the market. It can be used in various steamed buns, breads, pastries, biscuits and other products. It is the basic raw material for all baked foods

5.The structure of 6FT-100A Stone flour mill


The 6FT-100A Stone Flour Mill is a piece of machinery with a well-engineered structure designed to efficiently grind grains and produce fine flour. Below, we'll delve into the detailed structure of this machine:

Hopper: The process begins with the hopper, which is where the grains are initially loaded into the machine. This hopper feeds the grains into the subsequent parts of the mill.

Grain Cleaning System: Before milling, it's crucial to remove any impurities from the grains. The grain cleaning system helps to achieve this, ensuring that only clean, high-quality grains are processed.

Conveyance Mechanism: This part of the machine is responsible for conveying the cleaned grains to the milling section.

Precision Stone Mills: The heart of the 6FT-100A is the precision stone mills. These stones, traditionally made from granite, work in tandem to grind the grains into fine flour. The dual stone milling action is gentle and efficient, ensuring the preservation of the natural flavors, nutrients, and quality of the grain.

Flour Collection Mechanism: Once the grains have been ground into fine flour by the stone mills, the flour is collected for further processing or packaging.

Power System: The machine is powered by a robust power system that drives the stone mills and other moving parts.

Control and Operation Panel: To operate the 6FT-100A effectively, it comes with a control and operation panel that allows users to set parameters and monitor the milling process.

Safety Features: Safety is paramount in any industrial setting. The 6FT-100A is equipped with safety features to protect operators and prevent accidents during operation. This can include emergency stop buttons, protective guards, and other mechanisms to ensure the safety of the machine's operation.

Frame and Chassis: The entire structure is supported by a sturdy frame and chassis, ensuring stability during operation and allowing for easy installation and transportation.

The 6FT-100A Stone Flour Mill has a well-organized and robust structure designed to efficiently process grains into fine flour. Its precision stone mills, grain cleaning system, and safety features make it a reliable and effective machine for those in the flour milling industry.

6.Automatic wheat stone flour milling machine line

The concept of an automatic wheat stone flour milling machine line that can be operated by a single person, from cleaning to milling, represents a significant advancement in flour production efficiency. Such a streamlined process can greatly benefit small to medium-sized flour mills and agricultural operations. Below, we'll outline the key stages of this fully automated system:

1. Cleaning: The wheat cleaning process is the first step in ensuring that only high-quality, contaminant-free wheat enters the milling system. An automatic cleaning system uses various methods like aspiration, sieving, and gravity separation to remove impurities such as dust, debris, and foreign materials. This automated cleaning process ensures that the wheat is clean and ready for milling.

2. Washing: Depending on the wheat's condition and the specific requirements of the flour to be produced, a washing step can be included. The washing process can help remove any residual contaminants or surface impurities from the wheat. In an automated system, this can be accomplished through controlled washing mechanisms that optimize water usage and efficiency.

3. Moisturizing: Moisturizing the wheat is an essential step in the flour milling process. It helps condition the wheat kernels, making them more suitable for milling and improving flour quality. An automated system can precisely control the moisture levels, ensuring consistency and efficiency. The wheat is typically moisturized to achieve the desired water content.

4. Milling: The heart of the system is the stone milling process, where the wheat is ground into fine flour. This stage can involve precision stone mills, often made from granite, which gently grind the wheat to preserve its natural flavors and nutrients. The dual stone milling action provides efficiency and ensures the high-quality production of flour. The entire milling process is automated, including adjustments for different flour types and consistencies.

5. Flour Collection and Packaging: After milling, the fine flour is automatically collected and prepared for packaging. The automation includes flour collection mechanisms and conveyors to transport the flour to the packaging area. The flour is then packaged into bags or other containers, ready for distribution or further processing.

Control and Monitoring: An automated system would typically include a control panel and monitoring system. This allows the operator to set parameters, monitor the entire process, and make necessary adjustments to ensure efficient and consistent flour production.

In this fully automated system, a single operator can oversee the entire process, making it highly efficient and cost-effective for small to medium-scale flour milling operations. It minimizes labor requirements while maintaining high-quality flour production. This level of automation not only saves time and labor costs but also improves the consistency and quality of the flour produced, making it an attractive option for modern flour mills.


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1. What is the 6FT-100A Wheat Stone Flour Mill Machine?

The 6FT-100A is a stone flour milling machine designed to grind wheat kernels into fine flour while preserving their natural flavors and nutrients.

2. How does the stone milling process work?

This machine utilizes precision stone mills, typically made from granite, that gently grind the wheat into fine flour, preserving the natural characteristics of the grain.

3. What is the advantage of stone milling over steel milling?

Stone milling is known for preserving the natural flavors, nutrients, and quality of the wheat, resulting in higher nutrition value and better flavor in the flour.

4. Can this machine handle other grains besides wheat?

Yes, the 6FT-100A is versatile and can grind other grains, including corn, maize, beans, buckwheat, oats, soybeans, sorghum, and barley, among others.

5. How does the machine handle the cleaning and washing of wheat?

The machine is designed to work seamlessly with a separate wheat cleaning and washing system, ensuring that only clean, high-quality wheat enters the milling process.

6. Can a single person operate this machine from cleaning to milling?

Yes, the 6FT-100A is designed for efficiency and automation, allowing a single operator to oversee the entire process, from wheat cleaning to milling.

7. Is there a control panel for adjusting and monitoring the milling process?

Yes, the machine typically includes a control panel that allows operators to set parameters and monitor the entire process, making adjustments as needed.

8. What is the flour extraction rate of this machine?

The machine is known for its high flour extraction rate, which means a greater percentage of the wheat kernel is transformed into flour, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

9. What is the typical power source for this machine?

The power source can vary, but it's usually powered by electricity. The specific power requirements would depend on the machine's capacity and features.

10. How does the machine ensure the safety of operators?

Safety features are often included, such as emergency stop buttons and protective guards, to minimize the risk of accidents during operation.

11. What is the maximum capacity of the 6FT-100A Wheat Stone Flour Mill Machine?

The capacity may vary depending on the specific model, but it is typically suitable for small to medium-scale flour milling operations.

12. Can the machine be customized to meet specific production needs?

Yes, we offer customization options to tailor the machine to your specific requirements, including capacity adjustments.

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