6FT-B6 small business multifunctional dal mill machine
6FT-B6 small business multifunctional dal mill machine
6FT-B6 small business multifunctional dal mill machine
Sorghum, black eye beans, millet, rice are important cereal grain.
They must be dehulled and peeled before eating as food.
6FT-B6 adopts most advanced peeling technology to process these cereal grains.
High capacity, low loss, and excellent peeling performance.
It has been exported to Philippines, Thailand, India, Nigeria, etc.
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Model: 6FT-B6

Name: Small business multifunctional dal mill machine

Usage of Area: Bean Processing and Dal mill factories

Motor powe: 7.5kw

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General description

Made in thick national standard steel sheet for machine body to remove shake during running and prolong its service life. 6FT-B6 is a classic dehulling and peeling machine for cereal grain like wheat, barley, sorghum, rice, millet and black eye beans, lentil, etc. It is composed of feeding silo, peeling room, pressure adjusting system to control peeling result, output discharging system, and bran collection system. It is easy to operate, high capacity and durable.

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Technical advantage

1.    Economic cheap machine for low investment

2.    Multifunctional to process various different grain

3.    Compact structure, easy to operate, 0% failure rate, suitable for export. No risk for after-sale service.

4.    Configured with pressure adjusting system, depending on different requirement, customer can adjust the machine to control peeling rate and peeling result.

Technical details

NameGran peeling machine
Production capacity200-400kg/hour
Motor power7.5kw, 3p
Peeling performanceApprox. 95%
Peeling wayDry way, no need water
AutomationSemi automatic
UsageBarley, wheat, rice, millet,   sorghum, black eye bean, lentil, etc
Usage scopeSmall and medium sized food processing plant
Overall size1100x600x1220mm
Quality assurance1 year 
CertificationCE, ISO9001, SGS
Net weight300kg

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