Bean peeling machine helps faba bean industry accelerate the pace of frying production line

Bean peeling machine helps faba bean industry accelerate the pace of frying production line

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Two days ago, my friend asked me to recommend snacks. The author blurted out crab, yellow bean and broad bean. As a delicious snack recently purchased, the author has fallen into the magic of not stopping eating. The initial impression of broad beans was in elementary school. Now, when we explore the production technology of broad beans with various flavors in the entrance shop, we can easily find the traces of equipment such as frying production line, peeling machine, canned food production line and so on.

The role of bean peeling machine in the production of fried faba beans

As fried faba beans, also known as flowering beans, orchid beans, etc., are usually produced by the frying production line. The frying production line usually includes vibration screen, separator, cleaning and soaking equipment, centrifuge, frying equipment and so on. Firstly, shaking screen is used to remove stones, clays and other impurities; then the broad bean with full grains, uniform shape and size and no mildew is selected by sorting machine; then, the raw material of broad bean is cleaned and soaked by bubble cleaner; when the broad bean is dried for enough time, it needs to be cut along the axis to ensure that the subsequent fried taste is crisp; frying is the key to the success of fried broad bean, according to the understanding of frying time. With regard to batch, oil temperature and other parameters, all kinds of frying equipment can adjust the oil temperature and time to further facilitate the production of broad bean fried goods; finally, the broad bean is deoiled, seasoned, packaged and so on. The role of bean peeling machine in the production of fried faba beans is - peeling. 

Don't underestimate the effect of peeling. More people like the peeled faba beans, because the peeled faba beans are softer and more glutinous.

Do you spit out the shell of the faba bean?

As for the fact that fava beans spit out their shells or not, the author has been quarrelling with his companions. Those who like to eat shells often think that the flavor and essence are left on the shells, but the bean chips are not so tasty, and it's too troublesome to spit out the shells; those who don't like to eat the shells think that the broad bean shell is difficult to swallow. In view of the latter, some enterprises try to shell broad bean, which requires the use of broad bean peeling machine. It is reported that the broad bean peeling machine is equipped with iron screen, and grinding wheel grinding is installed in the screen. After the broad bean enters, the screen and grinding wheel rotate in reverse to peel. Then the fan separates the broad bean from the broad bean skin to ensure that there is no broad bean skin impurity in the bean flaps. Some manufacturers of broad bean peeling equipment can also customize the shape and size according to the need to minimize the space limitation. Five broad bean peeling machines were introduced into Dangyang, Hubei Province. The daily processing output was increased to 10 tons, which greatly improved the production efficiency.

Peeling machine makes faba beans more versatile and people's life more convenient.

In fact, besides this kind of orchid beans, broad beans can also be made into Yudai beans by removing the skin at both ends of the beans; controlling the water temperature and time during soaking, and using the drum to hang the powder when the beans are dried to 89 minutes can produce butter beans with rich butter flavor; mixing maltose, vegetable oil, sweet paste, pepper and other condiments into broad beans by a scrambler can also produce them. Strange-smelling beans and other products. The peeling machine saves people the step of peeling the bean skin by themselves, saving time and effort.

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At present, many regions are involved in faba bean production. 

For example, in Liupanshan, Ningxia, enterprises have invested in the construction of a broad bean production line. By docking with poor households, purchasing broad bean raw materials at the order protection price, while ensuring the source of broad bean raw materials, they are committed to poverty alleviation production. In Qinghai, agricultural companies cooperate with Qinghai University and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Key Laboratory of Agricultural Products Processing to research and develop broad bean series food processing technology. At the same time, the production line of canned faba beans has been built to achieve zero breakthroughs in the production line of canned faba beans and canned faba beans in Qinghai.

Export of faba beans

Of course, fava beans are also used as raw materials for export, like Japan's demand for fava beans is greater. Some enterprises aim at the Japanese market, through guiding farmers to use pesticides scientifically and implement organic cultivation, so that broad bean raw materials pass the rigorous pesticide residue detection in Japan, so that the export share of broad bean grows rapidly and the value of broad bean can be improved. Faba beans can not be stored for a long time. Once the epidermis is oxidized and reddened rapidly after overwintering, the commodity value will be lost. Faced with this phenomenon, some enterprises have built low-temperature faba bean warehouses, which extend the storage period of faba beans to more than one year, and end the history that faba beans can not be exported after overwintering.

According to the statistics forecast of the Circulation Industry Promotion Center of the Ministry of Commerce, the gross output value of the snack industry in 2020 will be close to 3 trillion yuan. Faba bean as a snack, will also usher in great development opportunities. It is also hoped that more food machinery will enter the market in the future, so that faba beans can be transformed into more forms, and the taste will become increasingly rich.

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