Get your first pot of gold from corn puff extruder machine

Get your first pot of gold from corn puff extruder machine
As we all know, the corn puffing machine is a good snack machine for producing puffed fruit. Many entrepreneurs want to do this project, but they don't quite understand how to make money with the machine. Today, I told you about this corn extruder. I hope it can help everyone.

Brief introduction of corn puff extruder machine

The main working principle of the corn puffing extruder machine is to convert mechanical energy into thermal energy. The heat generated when the machine rotates is used to squeeze and cook the food. The most obvious feature of the puffed food is that the volume becomes larger. The product produced by the extruder is called puffed fruit. It uses rice, corn, flour and other grains as raw materials. Different core molds can be used to produce hollow rod, peanut shape, large spherical shape, small spherical shape, plum shape, biscuit shape, and twist shape, popcorn-shaped, square, popsicle-shaped and other shapes of puffed fruit, fruity, crisp, sweet and crisp, pure green healthy food, suitable for all ages.

Classification of corn puff extruder machine

Generally speaking, we can divide corn extruder into electric motor, diesel engine and gasoline engine according to the energy. Raw materials can be used as raw materials for rice, corn and flour. Product shapes include hollow rods, twist rods, solid rods and other shapes, which can be sold by kg or packaged. All this kind of snack are sold well. This is an effect that many of our customers can easily achieve.

How does puffed food puff up?

Generally, puffed food is caused by the vaporization and expansion of water vapor in the material.

During the heating process of food raw materials, the moisture in the food raw materials is vaporized, and the generated steam forms fine voids inside the raw materials. The volume of the steam expands under high temperature and high pressure. The degree of volume expansion and the size of the pores are related to the moisture content. Within a certain moisture content range, when the moisture content increases, the more heat absorbed by the vaporization, the greater the vapor pressure generated, and the better the product expansion.

Popcorn is the best example, but the corn shell forms a natural protective layer. When the interior heats up and causes moisture to vaporize and causes a certain pressure, the shell ruptures, the pressure is released instantly, and popcorn is formed. Other puffed foods may require a high temperature extruder to create such a high temperature and high pressure environment.

Working principle of corn puff extruder machine

Using the extrusion propulsion of the unequal distance non-standard screw system of the extruder, the gas in the material is discharged and quickly filled with the material. The friction between the stack and the machine chamber makes the material fully mixed, squeezed, heated, glued, and gelatinized to produce tissue changes, and the original structure is destroyed. The material becomes a gel state with flowing properties. When the material is squeezed to the outlet, the pressure changes from high pressure to normal pressure instantaneously, and from high temperature to normal temperature instantaneously, causing the moisture to evaporate rapidly from the tissue structure, forming numerous microscopic particles inside. Hole structure, and then through the cutting device, cutting and cooling, that is, puffing and forming.

Function of corn puff extruder machine

It can be puffed rice, wheat, corn, tartary buckwheat, buckwheat, beans and other whole grains. It maintains the original flavor, color and nutrients of coarse grains such as wheat, rice, millet, corn, and buckwheat to the maximum extent. It is an ideal snack machine.

How to use corn puff extruder machine?

1. Before operating the corn equipment extruder, remove the machine head, movement, lead screw and other parts for cleaning, and then install it after drying.

2. When operating, first idle for 1 minute to 2 minutes, and put the raw materials into the feeding port, not too fast.

When the ring groove of the screw shaft head is full, the feeding is stopped, and the friction is preheated. Wait until the temperature of the nose rises and the pressure in the cabin increases before feeding.

3. When feeding, it should be continuous and uniform. If the material is dry, this must be paid attention to.

4. When the spiral groove is blocked, don't stop the machine immediately, first run it idly for a while and wait until it smells burnt before stopping, mainly to prevent the nozzle and the screw bushing from being bitten.

5. After the operation is finished and the feeding is stopped, let the corn extruder run idle for 1 minute, and stop the machine after draining the material in the machine. Then remove the nozzle and screw sleeve while it is still hot, punch out the screw shaft, remove the residue in the machine, and clear the nozzle hole for reuse.

Is the corn extruder business profitable?

The corn extruder business is sure to make money, and there is still a lot of room for profit growth. Now all kinds of puffed foods on the market are made with extruders. People take food as their priority. If you want to say that the extruder does not make money, how can this market share become larger and larger? Of course, a high-quality extruder manufacturer is also needed. Kingrunda is a high-quality and powerful corn extruder manufacturer that has been in the business for 13 years. It is trustworthy and has reached cooperative relations with many customers at home and abroad. The after-sales service is also very good. Believe you can get your first pot of gold from corn puff extruder machine!

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