High efficiency soybean peeling machine for sale

High efficiency soybean peeling machine for sale
High efficiency soybean peeling machine for sale
High efficiency soybean peeling machine for sale
High efficiency soybean peeling machine for sale
High efficiency soybean peeling machine for sale
High efficiency soybean peeling machine for sale
Production capacity
Peeling performance
above 98%
Soyabean, pea, chickpea
Machinery factory
Accepting agents
Yes, recruit Peeling/milling machine distributor
This series of peeling equipment adopts our new breakthrough peeling technology, specially designed for grain processing factories and food factories.
High efficiency soybean peeling machine for sale

1.High Efficiency Soybean Peeling Machine Description

Adopting pure dry method of peeling, good peeling effect, high integrity of bean after peeling, small loss and high finished product rate

The skin removal rate of soybean can be adjusted at will according to the different requirements of customers on the quality of finished products.Pea-peeling-and-splitting-machine-K.webp

2.High Efficiency Soybean Peeling Machine Actual Photo





3. High Efficiency Soybean Peeling Machine Structure 


4. High Efficiency Soybean Peeling Machine Advantage

Increased Efficiency: These machines are designed to automate and streamline the peeling and splitting processes, leading to higher efficiency in soybean processing. This can result in increased production rates and reduced labor requirements.

Improved Quality: Mechanized peeling and splitting can be done with precision, leading to consistent quality in the final product. The machine can be calibrated to achieve optimal results, reducing variations in the processed soybeans.

Higher Yield: The use of a soybean peeling and splitting machine can contribute to a higher yield of desirable soybean components, such as dehulled and split soybeans. This is essential for maximizing the output of valuable products from the raw soybeans.

Cost Savings: While there is an initial investment in acquiring the machine, the long-term benefits include cost savings in terms of labor and time. Automated processes can be more cost-effective compared to manual labor, especially in large-scale production settings.

Reduced Waste: The machine can be designed to minimize waste by efficiently separating soybean kernels from hulls and other by-products. This reduction in waste contributes to overall resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Flexibility: Soybean peeling and splitting machines can often be adjusted or customized to accommodate different varieties of soybeans and meet specific processing requirements. This flexibility enhances their utility in various soybean processing applications.

5.High Efficiency Soybean Peeling Machine Working Effect


Skin peeling clean and beans were splitted into two pieces, less broken particle

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