How to choose a rice color sorter machine?

How to choose a rice color sorter machine?
At present, China is the main R&D and production country for rice color sorters machine in the world. Almost 90% of the world's rice color sorter machines are made in China. Kingrunda Machinery is a color sorter machine manufacturer and supplier in China. The rice color sorter machines they produce have very good application performance. They are exported to countries all over the world and receive great praise from customers.

Color sorter machine overview

The color sorter machine refers to the equipment that automatically sorts out the heterochromatic particles in the granular material by using the photoelectric detection technology according to the difference of the optical characteristics of the material. It has a wide range of applications in the grain, food, pigment chemical industry and other industries. Recycled plastic sheets, rice, corn, various beans, ores, peppers, raisins, seeds, traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

Color sorter machine classification

There are many types of color sorter machines. There are mainly the following divisions:

1. According to the detection principle

Mainly divided into traditional photoelectric color sorter, CCD technology color sorter, infrared technology color sorter, X-ray color sorter.

2. According to the light source

Mainly divided into fluorescent tube wide source color sorter, LED light source color sorter, microwave light source color sorter, X-ray color sorter.

3. According to the rack structure

It is mainly divided into waterfall type color sorter and crawler type color sorter. The waterfall color sorter is widely used in the color sorting of grain crops such as rice, miscellaneous grains and other bulk agricultural products, with large output and high precision. The crawler-type color sorter is widely used in some materials with high requirements, such as garlic rice, dried peppers, nuts, walnut kernels, silkworm chrysalis, lotus seeds and so on.

4. According to the processed material

It is mainly divided into rice color sorter, miscellaneous grain color sorter, tea color sorter, etc.

The workflow of the color sorter machine

1. The material enters the machine from the collecting hopper at the top, and the selected material falls along the feeding and distributing trough through the vibration of the feeding device (vibrator).

2. The material passes through the upper end of the rice path and slides down the rice path to enter the sorting box.

3. After entering the sorting box, it passes through between the image processing sensor CCD and the background device. Under the action of the light source, the CCD receives the synthesized light signal from the selected material, so that the system generates an output signal, which is amplified and transmitted to the FPGA +ARM computing processing system, and then the control system sends out instructions to drive the injection solenoid valve to blow the different-colored particles into the waste cavity of the discharge hopper to flow away.

4. The good selected materials continue to fall to the finished product cavity of the hopper and flow out, so that the selected materials can achieve the purpose of selection.

Rice Color Sorter machine Market

At present, China is the main R&D and production country for rice color sorters in the world. Almost 90% of the world's rice color sorters are made in China. Kingrunda Machinery is a color sorter machine manufacturer and supplier in China. The rice color sorters they produce have very good application performance. They are exported to countries all over the world and receive great praise from customers.

The rice color sorter has been improving continuously since the 1990s, including improvements in hardware configuration and software algorithms. With the modernization of agriculture and the development of fine processing of agricultural products, the future application prospects and technical improvement space of the color sorter are huge. The rice color sorter market has a very good profit space.

However, most customers will face a problem when purchasing a rice color sorter: the color sorter with good effect is expensive, but the cheap color sorter cannot meet the requirements, and the quality is not assured. This is indeed a headache for wholesalers and distributors.

Factors influencing the purchase of a rice color sorter machine:

1. Money

In order to improve product quality and enhance market competitiveness, what kind of rice color sorter machine should I buy? The amount of money determines the level of equipment configuration to a certain extent. It is very important to buy the most cost-effective equipment at an affordable price.

If it is an individual small workshop, you can choose a small model, the price is not high, and it can also meet the production needs.

2. Determine the required type of rice color sorter machine according to the company's output.

The greater the demand for the output of the rice color sorter machine, the higher the corresponding price. However, while the production requirements are high, we must also pursue quality. However, some companies in the market blindly pursue the gigantic equipment when the output is large but the cleaning rate cannot meet the requirements, and reduce the single-channel output to ensure the cleaning rate. For customers, large equipment takes up plant space, and maintenance is not easy, and the relative cost performance is much lower.

3. Service

In addition to the quality of the color sorter machine, the most important thing is the service, and the manufacturer that provides good after-sales service is our priority. Therefore, when choosing equipment as a customer, it is best to conduct an on-the-spot investigation to see if the manufacturer has the strength to provide high-quality products and services.

How can I ensure that I can choose a rice color sorter machine of good quality?

Today's equipment is almost the same, and you can't tell it just by looking at it. So we need to master a few skills when choosing.

First, be sure to test the machine.

No matter how many companies you have learned about, no matter how many sales recommendations you have heard, you must bring your own materials to the manufacturer to test the machine, and the effect of the test machine shall prevail. Don't worry about how many times to run, because 90% of the color sorter manufacturers on the market are in China. After a trip to China, you can try all the top-ranked manufacturers of color sorters at one time. Whichever one has the best effect on the test material, choose the one with the most favorable price. Of course, if the distance is too long to travel in person, it is inconvenient, you can contact the sales of each company to send the materials to them, and let them take a video of the test material and send it to you for comparison. But sending materials to test the machine is definitely not as good as running a real trip in person. It is better to go to the manufacturer yourself if you have the conditions.

Secondly, look at the recommendations of the surrounding peers.

Whichever color sorter is used the most in the same industry should be chosen. If the quality of the equipment is not up to standard, it will have been abandoned by the market for more than 20 years of development. Manufacturers that occupy more of the market basically have no major problems. For example, most of the rice industry uses Kingrunda's rice color sorter, so just buy it, you can't go wrong.

Then, investigate the size of the manufacturer.

This is simple, check online, who has the most registered capital, who has the longest history, who has the highest market value, etc. Large color sorter manufacturers with sufficient capital can invest more in research and development technology and can invest more in after-sales service. These are the small manufacturers can not do.

Finally, look at the preservation of value.

What determines the price of a rice color sorter in the market is not only the brand, but also the quality. The same machine that has been used for 8 years, Kingrunda's machine may continue to be used for 8 years, and the selected materials still meet the standards; while the machines of some manufacturers may need continuous maintenance if they continue to be used. In contrast, Kingrunda's rice color sorter machine is definitely more cost-effective.

In the final analysis, the rice color sorter ultimately depends on the quality and stability of the equipment, and everything else is imaginary.

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