How to start a maize milling business?

How to start a maize milling business?
Maize is a widely planted grain food which is not only for human but also for animal feed. Maize usage is multiple but it needs different processing technology. This leads to the maize milling business. In order to meet different market demands, we use maize milling machine to peel the corn, remove the germ layer, and crush it into coarse grains or powder…Today, we will talk about how to start this business.

Because of the extensive planting and diverse uses of maize, many people see the business opportunities and are ready to invest in the maize processing industry. However, to start a maize milling business is not a trivial matter. Before starting a maize milling business, we need to do a lot of preparations. Now let's talk about it in detail.

1. Start a maize milling business need to inspect the market and sales channels.

Please do not start a business blindly. It is recommended to do market research first, determine the product and market positioning, and then make the final decision.

After inspecting the market and sales channels, you will determine what product or products to process. You should do a project analysis and product planning and have a clear market positioning, otherwise it will be very difficult to operate.

If you want to start a maize milling business, you should first inspect the market to see which maize product or products have good sales and broad market prospects, and then choose which or which corn products to make. You know, as one of the most important grains in the world, maize can be processed into many products.

2. Start a maize milling business need to raise funds and make a capital budget plan.

Preliminarily estimate the funds needed to start a factory and raise funds based on your own market research. The investment cost of a maize milling factory is not high, and it can be easily solved at about US$10,000, but the profit of the factory is very high.

Buying maize milling machines costs a few thousands of dollars. You also need to prepare a working capital so that you can maintain the normal operation of the maize milling plant and facilitate the signing of contracts with the supplier of maize. If you choose a supplier of maize, it is recommended to choose maize farmers directly. When buying corn from farmers, there is no middleman to earn the price difference, and a long-term cooperative relationship can be formed, and then through the processing of your own factory, it is finally sold at a suitable price to form a profit.

The raising of investment funds - or your own idle funds or borrowing or lending, in short, it depends on your actual situation. How much money raised directly determines the size of your maize milling business. For example, the most economic investment is to have a combined maize milling machine and install it into a small workshop. This maize milling machine can peel maize, remove germ, root and hilum then mill into different sizes of grits or powder. You have two options; you can buy maize and mill grits then sell directly to local market or supermarket. Another option is to earn money by processing for corn owners. People take their own corn and bring to your maize milling machine, you help grind and make money, this money is not big and if local market has this demand, this can be a small but long-term business. Additionally, you can buy an extra corn extruder. Feed corn grits to extruder, it can produce crispy snack food for kids or adults. If investment allows, you can set up one 1tph, 2tph or 4tph large scale maize flour/grits milling plant. This will be for industrial purpose and sell for distributing agents.

3. Start a maize milling business need to choose a site to build a factory.

The choice of the site is very important.

First of all, we have to roughly determine the geographical location and area of the plant according to our own capital budget.

Secondly, the transportation conditions should be convenient, which is related to the sales of the products in the future.

Thirdly, the construction difficulty should be small, which can save the construction investment cost. After the project is completed and put into operation, the economic benefits are good.

In addition, it is also necessary to determine whether the selected plant site meets the standards, such as environmental protection, water and electricity, etc.

All in all, our site selection and construction of the factory should be finalized after on-the-spot investigation and full demonstration. The specific circumstances will not be repeated here.

4. Start a maize milling business need to purchase the maize milling machines.

Procurement of the corresponding maize milling equipment according to the area and budget of the plant you choose.

First of all, we need to choose scientific process and high-quality maize machines. To choose machines, most critical part is to check on peeling quality. Without peeling well, further grinding will never produce high quality corn product. A reputable, safe and reliable manufacturer is very important. Shandong Kingrunda Machinery Co. Ltd is a very famous maize milling machine manufacturer in China. They have many years of maize milling machine production experience. They have been engaged in research and development and production of maize milling machine products for more than 20 years. The maize milling machine they produce is multi-purpose, peeling, sterilizing, peeling, pulverizing, grinding, grading, and cleaning, all in one machine. They produce all machines and design then customize for customers around the world.

Then, we should confirm the model and quantity of the maize milling machine we want to buy. Prices of maize milling machinery and equipment with different production capacities and processes are often very different. Even for maize milling equipment with the same processing capacity, because the configuration required by users is different, the price is also very different. Therefore, when we inquire about the price of maize milling equipment, we can accurately express our needs such as processing volume, so that maize milling machine manufacturers can provide suitable equipment and accurate quotes. And the more you buy, the cheaper the price is usually.

5. Start a maize milling business need to register with the relevant departments such as industrial and commercial taxation.

You need to go to the relevant departments such as industrial and commercial taxation for registration and filing according to local laws and regulations. This is the premise of whether your business can be carried out normally.

6. Start a maize milling business need to recruit workers.

Recruit workers according to your production needs. Neither the equipment nor the workers should be idle, but both the equipment and the workers should be used to the greatest extent, so as to control the cost and maximize the profit.

Let's get started when the above 6 steps are ready. Maize millings have different benefits, and it mainly depends on how you manage your business. Come on! Wish you a prosperous maize milling business!

7. Start a simple maize milling business

If there is no similar business around where you live, the population is very dense. You just need to find a simple place, buy a corn milling machine, and hook up the power supply. Make a simple signboard and you can take orders and do business.

If you run a grain store, in order to improve the quality of service, help your customers process corn so that it is easier for them to go home and process corn. Will give you more business. Just buy a corn milling machine and learn how to operate it.

If you run a restaurant, you will need a lot of semi-processed corn flour every day. If you keep purchasing it, it will increase operating costs. It is better to buy a corn milling machine and process as much as you need, which can save a lot of costs.

If you are a farmer and raise a lot of poultry, livestock. These cattle, sheep, chickens and ducks will eat a lot of feed, just need a corn milling machine, learn how to operate, and a lot of feed costs will be saved.

Of course there are many scenarios, these are simple maize milling business.

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