Rice milling machine for home

Rice milling machine for home
Rice milling machine refers to a machine that can help brown rice to be peeled and whitened so that it can be used directly. The harvested and sun-dried rice can only be peeled with the help of the rice milling machine, which is convenient for people to use normally. In the past, only food processing plants had rice milling machines. To turn brown rice into rice, people had to transport it to the processing plant, which was very troublesome. With the development of science and technology in modern times, with the emergence of rice milling machine for home, many families can buy a small rice milling machine to use at home, which is very convenient.

What is rice milling machine for home?

The rice milling machine is mainly composed of fixed wrench, tightening nut wrench, brush, hopper, grinding wheel, wire brush and so on. The brown rice is peeled and whitened by the mechanical force produced by the mechanical equipment, which is called rice milling machine. As the name suggests, rice milling machine for home is a rice milling machine suitable for home use. They are generally small, simple to operate, do not take up too much space and are not too expensive.

How is the rice milled?

1. After the ancient rice was dried, the advanced blower was used to separate impurities such as grass seeds by wind. The clean rice is put into a stone mill to separate brown rice and rice husks. After the brown rice and rice husks are separated, they enter the blower to remove the rice husks, and the rest is yellow brown rice. The brown rice is then pounded with a stone mortar and a wooden pestle, and the wooden pestle hits the stone mortar to remove the yellow bran, and finally becomes white rice.

2. Rice is processed by modern equipment. After drying, the rice enters the rice mill and is rolled between two oppositely rotating rubber rollers. The rice husks will be crushed and fallen off under the rolling of the rollers. The brown rice separated from the rice husk enters the polishing machine, and the brown rice is tumbled and polished on the grinding wheel to remove the yellow bran on the surface, and it becomes white rice. The broken rice is separated by the machine, and the rice with the same size can be packaged and sold.

From the very beginning, humans chewed the whole rice grain, and then used the pestle and mortar to separate the rice husk and brown rice. With the development of technology, they began to use mechanical equipment to grind rice. The new equipment and new technology not only greatly improved the efficiency of rice milling, but also the taste is better. Now people no longer aim to fill their stomachs, the higher nutritional value of rice has begun to be discovered, and germ rice and fresh rice have begun to enter people's lives and dining tables.

How does rice milling machine for home work?

When the brown rice flows from the hopper into the grinding chamber, the brown rice is squeezed into the whitening chamber due to the internal pressure of the pressing thallium and the push of the mechanical force. It can quickly remove the cortex of brown rice, and achieve the level of whiteness measured by white rice within the time determined by the adjustment.

Operation method of rice milling machine for home

1. Put the rice milling machine for home on the workbench smoothly and plug in the power plug.

2. Determine the whitening time and adjust the timing knob.

3. Take out the pressed thallium in the hopper, take 17-20g of brown rice (the moisture content should not exceed 15%), put it into the feed hopper, and let it flow into the whitening room. First press the power button to start, and then put down the pressure thallium.

4. When the specified time is reached, the rice mill will automatically stop, and the hopper will be taken out first to remove the bran skin. Then plug in the receiving hopper, then take out the pressure thallium, turn the front rotating handle to the right, so that the polished rice in the whitening room falls into the receiving hopper, turn the timing knob to 0, and press the power button to make the grinding wheel idle for a few seconds. All the rice grains in the whitening room are dropped, and then the rice hopper is pulled out, and the measured polished rice is obtained after sieving.

Price of rice milling machine for home

The price of a rice milling machine for home ranges from USD60 to USD800, depending on the model, technology, cost, freight, market conditions and other aspects of the household small rice milling machine. And it depends on whether you want retail or wholesale. Retail prices and wholesale prices are certainly not the same.

Rice milling machine for home manufacturer

Today's introduction to rice milling machine for home is here. If you also want to do business of rice milling machine for home, you can consider rice milling machine produced by Shandong Kingrunda Machinery. Shandong Kingrunda Machinery is a rice milling machine for home manufacturer and factory in China.

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The sales of rice milling machine for home

At present, the sales of rice milling machine for home are gradually increasing, and families who grow rice will buy a rice milling machine for home to realize their own processing of brown rice, which is convenient and fast. So, the sales prospect of rice milling machine for home will definitely be very good.


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