Soyabean peeling and splitting machine

Soyabean peeling and splitting machine
Soyabean peeling and splitting machine
Soyabean peeling and splitting machine
Soyabean peeling and splitting machine
Soyabean peeling and splitting machine
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soybean peeling and splitting machine is a device used to remove the outer skin (husk) of soybeans and split them into halves . This process is commonly employed in soybean processing plants or food production facilities to prepare soybeans for various applications, such as making soybean oil, soy milk, tofu, or other soy-based products.
Soyabean peeling and splitting machine

Introduction for soyabean peeling and splitting machine


6FT-PB8 is a small bean peeling machine. When peeling soya bean or yellow peas, capacity is around 500kg/hour. After peeling, beans are no skin but in half size. This machine has been very popular among small factories for processing soya beans product such as Tofu, soya bean milk, snack food, etc. Feedback from customers, this technology can improve the final product taste and quality greatly, and help sell at better price to bring more economic profit.

Technical advantage for soyabean peeling and splitting machine

-Peel beans in dry way, beans the drier, the better.

-Peel one time, no need to repeat

-Peel beans with lowest beans breakage rate

-Beans skin peeled is in good shape, obviously show low breakage rate

-High output percentage rate with very low rate of bean flour or grits.

-Peel beans in halves in good color and nice fresh smell.

-No wear parts, very reliable.

-Patent technology, unique design

-Multiple functions to peel green peas as well.


The new generation soybean peeling machine is beautiful in shape, compact in structure and simple in operation. The main shaft and main parts of the equipment are made of national standard steel and quenching technology, precision casting, specially designed and manufactured for soybean product processing practitioners

Pure dry method peeling, peeling effect is good, high yield, suitable for soybean, pea, broad bean peeling machine. The operation of the equipment is simple, the feeding handle controls the working efficiency of the equipment, and the circular handwheel can be rotated around to set parameters according to the shape and particle size of the beans to achieve good peeling effect.

NameBean peeling machine
Production capacity450-600kg/hour
Motor power7.5kw, 3p
Peeling performanceApprox. 95%
Peeling wayDry way, no need water
AutomationSemi automatic
UsageChickpeas, yellow peas, soyabean
Usage scopeMedium sized food processing plant
Overall size1600x700x1700mm
Main machine size1.4x1.1x1.9m
Quality assurance1 year 
CertificationCE, ISO9001, SGS

Finished product for soyabean peeling and splitting machine


Peeled soybeans have a yellowish color and a smoother texture compared to whole soybeans.

Peeled soybeans have several applications in the food industry, including:

  1. Soybean oil production: Peeled soybeans are commonly used to extract soybean oil. The removal of the husk allows for easier extraction of oil from the inner bean.

  2. Soy milk and tofu production: Peeled soybeans are often used as the main ingredient for making soy milk and tofu. The peeled soybeans are typically ground into a paste, which is then used to produce soy milk or coagulated to form tofu.

  3. Textured vegetable protein (TVP) production: Peeled soybeans can be processed into textured vegetable protein, which is a popular meat substitute. The peeled soybeans are typically cooked, extruded, and dried to create a protein-rich and versatile product.

  4. Snack foods: Peeled soybeans can be roasted and seasoned to create nutritious and flavorful snack foods. They are often enjoyed as a crunchy and protein-rich snack.

Peeled soybeans offer a versatile and nutritious ingredient that is widely used in various food products. They are a rich source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making them a valuable component of many vegetarian and vegan diets.


Soyabean bean peeling machine also can peel and split pea and chickpea very well. A multi-purpose machine, for you to save a lot of costs

Full automatic soyabean peeling and splitting machine

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If you want to save labor, you can only add a elevator. This saves a lot of labor,

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1. What is a soybean peeling and splitting machine, and what is its purpose?

A soybean peeling and splitting machine is a piece of equipment designed to remove the outer skin or hull from soybeans and then split the soybeans into halves or smaller pieces. Its purpose is to process soybeans for various industrial applications, including food production and oil extraction.

2. What are the main components of a soybean peeling and splitting machine?

The main components typically include a feeding hopper, a peeling chamber, rollers or blades for hull removal, a splitting chamber, and discharge outlets for peeled and split soybeans.

3. What is the process of soybean peeling and splitting with this machine?

The soybeans are fed into the machine's hopper, where they are transported to the peeling chamber. In the peeling chamber, the outer hulls are removed, and the peeled soybeans are then transferred to the splitting chamber, where they are divided into halves or smaller pieces.

4. What are the advantages of using a soybean peeling and splitting machine?

The machine can significantly improve the efficiency of soybean processing by automating the peeling and splitting processes. It results in higher yields of peeled and split soybeans with reduced manual labor.

5. Where is a soybean peeling and splitting machine commonly used?

This machine is used in various industries, including food processing (for tofu, soy milk, and soy protein production), oil extraction (for soybean oil), and animal feed production.

6. Are there different types of soybean peeling and splitting machines available?

Yes, there are various types of machines with different capacities and capabilities. Some machines are designed for small-scale operations, while others are suitable for large-scale industrial production.

7. What factors should be considered when choosing a soybean peeling and splitting machine?

Factors to consider include the machine's capacity, power source (electric or diesel), efficiency, ease of maintenance, and the specific requirements of the soybean processing operation.

8. Is maintenance required for these machines, and how often?

Yes, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the machine operates efficiently and safely. Maintenance tasks may include cleaning, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting for wear and tear. The frequency of maintenance depends on the machine's usage and manufacturer recommendations.

9. Are there safety precautions to follow when using soybean peeling and splitting machines?

Yes, safety precautions should be followed, including ensuring that operators are trained to use the machine safely, providing appropriate protective gear, and ensuring that the machine is properly guarded to prevent accidents.

10. Can soybean peeling and splitting machines process other types of beans or legumes?

- Some machines may have the capability to process other beans or legumes, but their efficiency and effectiveness may vary depending on the specific type of bean or legume.

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