Split bean pea dal dehulled peeling machine
Split bean pea dal dehulled peeling machine
Split bean pea dal dehulled peeling machine
6FT-PB8 is an ideal bean processing machine. It peels and split soyabean, yellow peas, green peas, chick peas, and it can also split gram moong. Machine is small in size but powerful in peeling. Machine is made in high quality material and enjoy great sale home and abroad.
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Model: 6FT-PB8

Name: Excellent high grade bean peeling and splitting machine



-Peel beans in dry way, beans the drier, the better.

-Peel one time, no need to repeat

-Peel beans with lowest beans breakage rate

-Beans skin peeled is in good shape, obviously show low breakage rate

-High output percentage rate with very low rate of bean flour or grits.

-Peel beans in halves in good color and nice fresh smell.

-No wear parts, very reliable.

-Patent technology, unique design

-Multiple functions to peel green peas as well.


This machine has been very popular among small factories for processing soya beans product such as Tofu, soya bean milk, snack food, etc. Feedback from customers, this technology can improve the final product taste and quality greatly, and help sell at better price to bring more economic profit.

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Peeling   performance rate

Output percentage   rate

Motor power

Outer dimensions










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