The Best Machine for Peeling Black Pepper

The Best Machine for Peeling Black Pepper
We use many seasonings in our daily cooking, such as black pepper and white pepper. White pepper is obtained by peeling black pepper. So, what is the best machine to use for peeling black pepper? After experiment and practice, we found a machine specially designed for black pepper peeling.


Pepper is one of the most commonly used spices in our daily life. Peppers are dried berries from black pepper vines. It has a strong and slightly spicy taste and goes well with many dishes. Often referred to as the "King of Spices".

Pepper originated in India and was first served on the table of nobles in Europe. Now it has also become an indispensable condiment in our daily cooking. With its addition, the aroma of the vegetables is stronger and the taste is richer. Pepper fruit mainly contains alkaloids, volatile oils, crude protein, crude fat, organic acids, coumarin, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, saponins, sterols and other nutrients and biologically active components. Pepper is hot in nature, spicy in taste, and has the functions of warming the middle and dispelling cold, strengthening the stomach and relieving pain.

Pepper tree

Pepper is a perennial evergreen vine that can reach a height of about three or four meters; it does not have its own "backbone" and needs to climb on trees, trellises or other supports. The leaves of pepper are quite good-looking, with a bright and pure green luster on the surface, the leaf shape is broad oval or oval oblong, the base of the leaves is rounded, the top of the leaves is short-pointed, and the leaves are still simple and atmospheric. Pepper inflorescences and leaves are opposite.

Types of peppers

Pepper can be divided into black pepper, white pepper and green pepper.

The black pepper is harvested without peeling the fruit after it is ripe; the black pepper is harvested when the fruit is about to mature, and then the peel is removed after drying, and the white pepper is obtained; the pepper is not cooked It is dried in the sun and the result is green pepper.

The most obvious difference between black pepper and white pepper is that the color is different. Needless to say. In addition to the different colors, the smells of the two are also different. The black pepper has a stronger fragrance and a hint of pungency, and the white pepper has a slightly lighter fragrance, which is less pungent and softer.

The spiciness of black pepper is stronger than that of white pepper, the fragrance is spicy, and the smell is eliminated. It is more used for cooking internal organs and seafood dishes; There are many by-products of pepper, including black pepper granules, pepper noodles, and peppercorns.

White pepper has great medicinal value, can dispel cold, strengthen stomach, etc., can increase appetite, aid digestion, and promote sweating;

White pepper is actually yellowish-gray. Don't buy it with the assumption that the whiter the better; and the good black pepper is dark brown, not the darker the better.

Black pepper peeling machine

What is the best machine for peeling black pepper? After experiment and practice, we found a machine specially designed for black pepper peeling. Today I will mainly introduce it - it is the 6FT-B12 small black pepper peeling machine.

6FT-B12 small black pepper peeling machine

6FT-B12 small black pepper peeling machine is a black pepper peeling equipment with strong practicability, high-cost performance, clean peeling and low loss rate, which we carefully designed according to the characteristics of black pepper.

The main structure of 6FT-B12 small black pepper peeling machine

It is mainly composed of feeding mechanism, peeling chamber, frame and external fan.

The working principle of 6FT- B12 black pepper peeling machine

Black pepper enters from the feeding hopper, and the cutting speed is controlled by the flow regulating mechanism. After entering the decoupling chamber, it is sent to the working chamber by the screw propeller, and spirals along the surface of the emery roller. The surface of the emery roller rotating at the set speed is plated There are sharp emery grains, which are used to grind the skin of the material, and make the material and the material, and between the material and the peeling screen bottom, rub against each other to make the skin fall off. , so that the bran is separated from the material and the peeling chamber, and the sieve hole is discharged from the peeling chamber, and an air net device is arranged at the discharge port to further clean the finished material.

Advantages of 6FT- B12 Black Pepper Peeling machine

1. The weight of peeling can be adjusted. The pure dry peeling method is adopted, and the yield is high.

2. The finished products are whole grains, no broken grains.

3. Using pure dry peeling, the yield is high.

4. The machine is easy to operate, one person can operate it.

5. The machine can be placed flexibly and can be placed flexibly according to the site.

6. The machine is designed with no wearing parts, and the core components are made of thickened alloy material, which can work continuously for a long time.

6FT-B12 black pepper peeling machine adopts pure dry method for peeling, and the peeling effect is good.

The depuration rate of material skin can be adjusted at will according to the quality requirements of customers for finished products.

The core components of the host are made of special materials with special technology, which are sturdy and durable.

The external dimensions of the peeling machine can be flexibly designed according to the size of the customer's workshop and site.


Kingrunda team keeps innovative, develop new technology and high technology for peeling various types of beans, peppers, nuts... Perfectly remove useless skin, help people make nice tasty food. We offer all kinds of bean/black pepper peeling machines for customers to choose from.

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