Where can you buy a small corn processing machine in Indonesia?

Where can you buy a small corn processing machine in Indonesia?
Small corn processing machines are very popular in the villages and small corn processing factories in Indonesia, because of their flexible and easy operation. Indonesia is a major producer of corn, and also a major consumer of corn. This article will help you to find where to buy a small corn processing machine in Indonesia?

What is a small corn processing machine?

The complete set of equipment that uses corn as raw material to process corn kernels into corn grits and corn starch is called corn processing machine. Small corn processing machine is a common grain primary processing production equipment. The operation of the equipment is simple and easy to understand, with a small footprint and a high degree of automation. The finished products produced are no different from large-scale equipment. The whole process of corn processing carries out corn cleaning, peeling, germ removal, root removal, black spot removal, crushing and grinding. Powder, grade classification, grinding and polishing and selection, etc., suitable for small processing and outdoor processing. Indonesia is a major corn producer in ASEAN with a production of 19 million tonnes. Indonesia is a major producer of corn and a major consumer of corn. Therefore, there is a great demand for corn processing machinery.

What equipment does a small corn processing machine consist of?

Small corn processing machines are mainly composed of vibrating screen, specific gravity grading stone removal machine, fan, suction duct, degerming machine, germ sorting machine, corn peeling machine, polishing machine, flat screen, corn milling machine and other equipment. Kingrunda manufactures and sells a wide range of destoners, color sorters, peelers and pulverizers. I won't go into details here. If you need more information, please go to our website (https://www.beanpeelingmachine.com) or contact us directly. We will be very happy to help you. I also specially developed a small corn processing machine suitable for Indonesia's own territory, which is very popular with Indonesia customers.

What are the performance characteristics of the small corn processing machines for the Indonesia market?

1. The small corn processing machine adopts dry corn peeling technology, the peeling removal rate is 90%, the equipment covers a small area, the degree of automation is high, the investment is low, and the whole corn processing procedure is completed at one time.

2. The processing process of the small corn processing machine is highly automated and can realize 24-hour continuous operation. The entire processing unit only needs one electric controller and one packer, which saves the user's labor cost.

3. Small corn processing machines have a wide range of processing applications. It can be applied to the processing of various grains, not only corn, but also miscellaneous grains such as soybean, mung bean, wheat, millet, and sorghum.

4. The streamlined modular design of the small corn processing machine adopts the processing technology of clearing grains, two peeling and one polishing, and the whole processing process is automated.

Where can I buy small corn processing machines in Indonesia?

Kingrunda - Specializing in the production and sale of small corn processing machines. Kingrunda is famous Maize milling machine brand in China. We dedicate to reasearching and producing maize grits (flour) milling machine over 20 years. Multifunction in one machine, peeling, degerming, skin removal, crushing, grinding and grading and cleaning, all are done in one machine. The process equipment is well-equipped, the equipment runs smoothly, the noise is low, the structure is compact and the appearance is beautiful, the service life is long, and the performance has reached the international advanced level. Buy small corn processing machines look for - Kingrunda - product advantages are different from peers, conscientious price. The small corn processing machines produced by Kingrunda are exported to many countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Products are loved by customers. We provide the highest quality products and the most considerate after-sales service.

How much is a small corn processing machine in Indonesia?

Many Indonesia customers ask how much the small corn processing machine costs. It is recommended that you go to the manufacturer for on-site inspection or ask the manufacturer to provide a quotation, because there are many types of processing equipment, and the price of each type is different. The equipment costs of different production capacities or different processes are often different, and the purchase price of the same machine in different periods will also be different. At present, the small corn deep processing equipment in the Indonesia market is generally between USD2,000 and USD100 million, and the medium and large corn processing equipment ranges from USD20,000-USD705,000. If you want to make a larger processing plant, you can use a large-scale fully automatic corn deep processing equipment production line, so that the production efficiency and degree of automation will be higher.

We have many years of experience exporting Indonesia with various certifications. Familiar with the various requirements of the Indonesia market for small corn processing machines, as well as the specific operation procedures for exporting products to Indonesia. If you want to buy any type of corn processing machine from Kingrunda, you can contact us directly, we will provide you with very competitive prices and excellent service.

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