6FT-50C China best sell small Semolina wheat flour milling machine

6FT-50C China best sell small Semolina wheat flour milling machine
6FT-50C China best sell small Semolina wheat flour milling machine
6FT-50C China best sell small Semolina wheat flour milling machine
6FT-50C China best sell small Semolina wheat flour milling machine
6FT-50C China best sell small Semolina wheat flour milling machine
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6FT-50CSemolina/wheat flour milling machine is our new high technology designed to produce high quality white wheat flour. Structure is upgraded to have three silos and four round sifters. Two round sifters first extract wheat core to grind wheat core purely into white wheat flour in highest quality. After extracting wheat core, wheat skin is separated and stored in middle silo for further grinding and flour extracted. Wheat core and wheat skin are milled separated. Skin/bran does not mix with wheat flour, that is why it produces high quality wheat flour.Whole procedure is automatic, wind transmit material. Feed grain into silo, automatically take grain to grind then auto sifting and receive output. Only needs one person to operate

The 6FT-50C Small Semolina Wheat Flour Milling Machine is a remarkable innovation in the world of flour processing. With its compact size and powerful performance, it's making waves in the industry, proving to be a game-changer for small and medium-sized milling businesses. 


Product introduction

6FT-50C China best sell small Semolina wheat flour milling machine is for high grade market. It places on ground, feed material from ground, no need elevator. Receive flour, bran from ground, easy to operate. It can produce wheat and cereal grain flour, wheat semolina flour, standard life. Flour fineness can be adjusted from 90 mesh to 120mesh. Let's see key features and benefits of the 6FT-50C Small Semolina Wheat Flour Milling Machine below.

Key features of the 6FT-50C Small Semolina Wheat Flour Milling Machine

This compact yet high-capacity machine is designed to process wheat into semolina and fine wheat flour with exceptional precision. Here are some key features that set it apart:

Space-Saving Design: The 6FT-50C is designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing the required space. It's a perfect fit for small and medium-sized milling facilities, where space may be limited.

High Efficiency: Despite its small footprint, this machine boasts high efficiency in wheat processing. It can handle a significant volume of wheat, making it a valuable asset for businesses with demanding production needs.

Customized Milling: The machine is versatile and allows for customizable milling options. You can adjust settings to obtain different grades of flour, including semolina, fine flour, and more, meeting various market demands.

Low Energy Consumption: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the 6FT-50C minimizes energy consumption, reducing operational costs and contributing to sustainability.

Ease of Operation: The machine features user-friendly controls and interfaces, making it accessible for operators with varying levels of experience. It's designed to streamline the milling process, reducing the learning curve.

Quality Assurance: Precise milling control ensures consistent quality in the final product, maintaining the nutritional value and taste of the wheat. This quality consistency is essential for meeting consumer expectations.

Durability and Low Maintenance: The machine is constructed with durable materials and engineered for minimal maintenance requirements. This ensures longevity and minimizes downtime, maximizing productivity.

Benefits of the 6FT-50C Small Semolina Wheat Flour Milling Machine

Cost-Efficient Milling: The machine's compact design and energy-efficient operation reduce operating costs, making it an economical choice for small and medium-sized milling businesses.

Versatility and Customization: The ability to produce different grades of flour, from semolina to fine flour, allows you to diversify your product offerings and cater to a broader market.

Space Optimization: The compact footprint of the machine makes it an ideal solution for businesses with limited operating space.

Consistent Quality: Precise milling control ensures that your flour products consistently meet quality standards, enhancing consumer trust in your brand.

Sustainability: Reduced energy consumption and low maintenance requirements align with sustainability goals, contributing to responsible manufacturing practices.

How 6FT-50C flour milling machine works?

1st time extract wheat core

2nd time grind wheat core

3rd time grind wheat skin

Finished product show



This mahcine can grind/mill wheat, corn, bucketwheat ,rice,mazie,chickpea,soyabean,millet,chilli into flour.

Technical configuration & advantage

1. Machine body and pipes are powder coated for long time use, no color fading or scratches.

2. Metal parts are cut and produced by laser cutting machine and soldered by laser soldering machine for good precision to get 

good sealing.

3. Easy to adjust rollers as rollers have been done by dynamic balance test. Ex-work two rollers have been calibrated in parallel. 

Not like other suppliers, we only need to fix one roller with same space at two sides, adjust one handwheel to confirm rollers space.

4. Adopt most advanced synchronous belt drive system to reduce noise and good stability.

5. Four sifters can use four flour sieves in different mesh size according to market.


Technical data

Production capacity: 450-550kg/hour

Main shaft RPM: 650R

Wheat flour extraction rate:70%--85%

Final flour fineness: 40mesh to 160 mesh

Motor power: 15KW+1.5KW+4KW=20.5KW

Outer dimensions: 2600x1600x3500mm

The 6FT-50C Small Semolina Wheat Flour Milling Machine is transforming the landscape of small and medium-sized flour milling operations. Its efficient, versatile, and space-saving design, combined with cost-effective milling, makes it an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to produce high-quality wheat products. By investing in this innovative machine, you can unlock new possibilities and drive your business towards success in the competitive world of flour milling. If you are interested in our wheat flour milling machine please contact us.


What is the 6FT-50C Small Semolina Wheat Flour Milling Machine, and what is its primary function?

The 6FT-50C is a compact milling machine designed to process wheat into semolina and fine wheat flour. Its primary function is to efficiently mill wheat into different grades of flour, meeting diverse market demands.

Is the 6FT-50C Small Semolina Wheat Flour Milling Machine suitable for small and medium-sized milling businesses?

Yes, this machine is specifically designed for small and medium-sized milling facilities. Its compact design and efficiency make it an ideal choice for businesses with limited space and moderate production needs.

What types of wheat products can be produced using the 6FT-50C Milling Machine?

This machine can produce various grades of flour, including semolina and fine wheat flour. Its versatility allows you to customize milling settings to meet specific product requirements.

How does the 6FT-50C Milling Machine minimize energy consumption, and what are the associated benefits?

The machine is designed with energy efficiency in mind, reducing its energy consumption during operation. This not only contributes to cost savings but also aligns with sustainability goals by reducing the environmental footprint.

What maintenance is required for the 6FT-50C Milling Machine, and how often is maintenance needed?

Routine maintenance typically includes cleaning, inspection, and lubrication. The specific maintenance schedule may vary depending on factors such as usage and operating conditions. Following the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines is crucial to keep the machine in optimal condition.

Can the 6FT-50C Milling Machine be customized to specific milling requirements or product specifications?

This machine offers customization options, allowing you to adjust settings to achieve different grades of flour. You can tailor the milling process to meet precise product specifications and market demands.

How does the machine ensure consistent quality in the final flour product?

Precise milling control features within the machine maintain uniformity in the final product. This quality consistency is essential for building consumer trust and maintaining product excellence.

What are the key safety features of the 6FT-50C Milling Machine to ensure safe operation?

The machine includes safety features and mechanisms, as outlined in the manufacturer's safety guidelines. These features are designed to protect operators during operation and minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.

Where can I find more information about the 6FT-50C Small Semolina Wheat Flour Milling Machine, including pricing and availability?

To obtain detailed information, pricing, and availability, please contact our customer service staff. They can provide specific details and assist you in making an informed decision regarding this milling machine for your business.

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So happy to own this wheat flour milling machine/ Was concerned about pricing but worth every cent. Had less expensive but this is far superior.

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