6FT-PB8 Mung bean splitting machine

6FT-PB8 Mung bean splitting machine
6FT-PB8 Mung bean splitting machine
6FT-PB8 Mung bean splitting machine
6FT-PB8 Mung bean splitting machine, Its capacity is 500kg/hour, Mung bean splitting machine can split mung bean in half shape.

Mung bean splitting machine video disply

6ft-pb8 mung bean splitting machine will not harm the nutrition of mung beans. This is the processing of mung beans. The process of operating mung bean splitting machine is simple, convenient and safe.


Why splitting mung beans?

Mungbean seeds contain about 24.5% protein, which is 2-3 times that of cereal grains, among which the content of eight kinds of amino acids necessary for human body is between 0.24% and 2.0%, which is 2-5 times that of cereal grains. It contains about 53% starch, less than 1% fat and 5% cellulose. Mungbean is also rich in B vitamins and minerals, among which vitamin B is 2 ~ 4 times that of cereal, and higher than that of pork, milk, chicken and fish; Calcium is 4 times that of cereal and 7 times that of chicken; Phosphorus is twice that of Cereals, pork, chicken, fish and eggs. Therefore, mung beans are often called "Green Pearls"

Therefore, only when mung beans are divided into more parts, can nutrition be better absorbed and utilized by the human body. 6ft-pb8 mung bean splitting machine was born for this link.

Introduce of 6FT-PB8 Mung bean splitting machine.

6FT-PB8 is a small capacity bean splitting machine. It adopts our patent technology to design a unique splitting grinder which can 

evenly take beans into the grinder. Under effect of friction & cutting, beans are split and separated into two haves. More importantly, 

the half seed have round edge not damaged, and keep in original shape, which helps with high extraction rate and makes our technology 

very competitive.


Mung bean splitting before and after


From the above picture, you can clearly see that mung beans are perfectly divided into two parts. If you take it and process it into other food or raw materials, it is perfect.

6FT-PB8 Mung bean splitting machine attribute



Peeling performance rate

Output percentage rate

Motor power

Outer dimensions









If you have special customization requirements for mung bean segmentation equipment, you can fully communicate with our experts. We will adjust it according to your requirements. The performance of this machine can meet the needs of mung beans and many other beans segmentation.

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