Bean Peeling Techniques and Bean Peeling Machines

Bean Peeling Techniques and Bean Peeling Machines
Dehulling is one of the key steps in bean processing. Why do beans need to be peeled? How to peel? What technologies and machines are used in this process? These are what we will cover in this article.

First of all, why do beans need to be peeled?

Bean hulls are not very useful for processing various soy products, and some have adverse effects, some affect the taste, some affect the color, some affect the oil yield, some affect the foaming time, and some cause allergies. So, remove the bean skin first.

Give out a few typical examples below:

● Bean milk powder

Bean milk made from dehulled beans has better color and flavor than bean milk made without dehulling. If the bean milk production process of soaking and grinding after dehulling is adopted, the moisture content of soybeans is required to be less than 12% to ensure that the dehulling rate is above 90%.

● Bean milk

Beans contain a lot of vegetable protein and various vitamins. They can be used to make bean milk, but the outer seed coat contains some harmful substances such as trypsin and purine. When making bean milk, remove the epidermis.

● Yuba

It is advisable to choose soybeans with full particles, and sieve out dust and impurities. Peel the selected soybeans with a peeling machine, and blow the skins clean. Peeling is to ensure yellow and white color and improve protein utilization and yield.

● Extracting oil

Soybean contains about 8% of the skin, and its oil content is only 0.6 to 0.7%. And the skin contains a lot of cellulose, pigment and gum. Wax content is also higher.

1. If the oil is made with the skin, not only will the skin not produce oil, but it will absorb the oil and remain in the cake, reducing the oil yield. At the same time, the cake meal has high skin content and low protein content, so the utilization value of the cake meal is also reduced. If we peel the soybeans and then make oil, it will be different. After the soybeans are peeled, it is conducive to oil leaching and penetration. Without the soybean hulls to absorb the oil, the residual oil in the soybean meal is also reduced. Protein content also increased. The cake meal obtained higher utilization value.

2. As we said earlier, the skin contains a lot of pigment and wax. The pigment in the skin will be transferred to the crude oil during the oil making process, which will deepen the color of the crude oil and reduce the quality.

3. The use of leather to make oil will also cause the reduction of the rolling effect and the quality of the material, the reduction of the effective production capacity of the equipment, the increase of power consumption and the wear and tear of mechanical parts.

Bean peeling Techniques

Bean peeling includes wet peeling, dry peeling and drying peeling.

In order to simplify the dehulling process, now we always buy bean peeling machines directly from the market. Using the peeling machine to peel the skin directly has high efficiency and high removal rate, eliminating the need for a long foaming process or a complicated drying process.

Bean peeling machines

Process and characteristics of bean peeling machine

●Structure: air inlet, air outlet, gravity impact tube, gravity door, damper, feeding, etc. The top rotary feeder and feeding rotating plate play the role of adjusting the feeding amount and material sealing.

●Multi-row and multi-row impact bars are installed inside the middle box. The box is equipped with sampling holes, observation holes and inspection holes. observation port with

The circulatory system in the dehulling process is connected.

●The broken beans enter the peeler through the top feeder and are evenly distributed, and the falling process enters the working chamber, and the impact of the broken beans device makes the outer skin continuously fall off the broken beans or cracked beans.

The working principle of bean peeling machine

There are two types of bean peeling machines: bean whole peeling machines and bean splitting peeling machines. The working principles of peeling are different.

Working principle of bean whole process peeling machine

After the soybean enters the peeling room, it is sent to the sand roller by the screw head and spirals along the surface of the sand roller. After passing through the sand on the surface of the emery roller, the skin layer is ground, and the bean rubs against the bean, the bean and the sieve bottom to make the skin fall off. The peeling process was completed.

Working principle of bean splitting process peeling machine

After the soybeans enter the core components of the peeling machine, the traction clutch peeling technology is used to squeeze, rub and scrape to separate the hulls and bean petals to complete the peeling process.

Product introduction of Kingrunda

The series of bean peeling machines produced by Kingrunda are mainly suitable for pure dry peeling and separation of soybeans, peas, black beans and other beans. The beans do not need to be dried, and the peeling rate is over 98%.

The peeling machine has high effect, low crushing rate and high yield. The machine has versatility, the peeling pressure can be adjusted at any time, adapt to the peeling of different beans, the operation is simple and convenient, and the quality is reliable. It has two functions of peeling and separating, and the finished product is the split bean kernel with the bean skin intact. During the peeling process, the bean germ is also removed.

According to customer requirements, the germ can be extracted separately. This series of bean peeling is an ideal equipment for bean peeling and peeling of beans processing factories, soy milk factories, yuba processing factories, tofu processing factories and other soy products factories.

bean peeling.jpg

Kingrunda bean splitting peeling machine

Versatility: One machine is multi-purpose, economical and durable, and can process a variety of beans.

Production customization: complete sets of equipment with an output of 500 kg per hour to 600 tons per day.

Good effect: pure dry peeling without drying, high peeling rate and low breaking rate.

Factory direct sales: free of middlemen, quality assurance, lifetime warranty.

Kingrunda whole bean peeling machine

Kingrunda also has a kind of peeling machine suitable for whole beans, corn, wheat, pinto beans, mung beans, lentils, cowpeas, peas, soybeans, black beans, fried beans, red beans, red adzuki beans, Peeling of various beans such as kidney beans.

This series of peeling equipment adopts our company's new breakthrough peeling technology, which is specially designed for grain processing plants and food factories. Compared with traditional equipment, our company's equipment has significant advantages in many aspects:

Using pure dry peeling, peeling effect is good;

The skin removal rate of grain can be adjusted at will according to the quality requirements of customers for finished products;

The core components of the host are made of special materials with special technology, which are sturdy and durable.


There are many techniques and machines for bean peeling. You can buy different peeling machines according to your specific needs. Medium and large-scale processing plants have industrialized bean peeling, and choose bean peeling machines with large output and meet your demand. Small companies can choose small bean peeling machines, which are easy to operate and save costs.

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