Broad Bean Peeler/vicia Faba Peeling Machine

Broad Bean Peeler/vicia Faba Peeling Machine
Broad Bean Peeler/vicia Faba Peeling Machine
Broad Bean Peeler/vicia Faba Peeling Machine
Production capacity
6FT-B7 Broad bean peeling mahcine, Capacity is 250-300kg/hour. It can remove skin from broad bean/tiger net/white bean in whole shape

6FW-B7 Broad Bean Peeler Machine Introduce

    6FW-B7 is new type beans peeling machine designed by our technical engineers. This machine absorbs essence of other food grain peeling machine, and get rid of common disadvantages. It is low energy consuming, kernel complete (not break),advanced technology and nice looking, etc. So far, it is most advanced equipment for peeling lima beans, soya beans and other beans.

bean peeling machine -.jpg

How to use 6FT-B7 Broad bean peeling mahcine

  1. Adjust the frequency converter (the average broad bean size is adjusted to about 40HZ, and if the broad bean is relatively small, adjust to 45-50HZ) 

  2. Connect electricity. 

  3. Check the motor of the peeling machine to turn 

  4. Tie the cloth bag to the exhaust outlet and use it to peel the broad bean skin after the phone is skinned.

  5. Turn on the machine for 1 minute to see if the machine is abnormal and murmurs

  6. Investment (5-8kg),The peeling time of broad bean is related to the degree of dryness and dampness of broad bean. The drier the pea is, the shorter the peeling time is. If the moisture is too large, the pea skin is not easy to fall off. 

  7. After peeling, turn on the fan switch, the dust collector switch (both switches are open), discharge (there is a rotating switch if you release the material, it is best not to turn on this switch, open more than half of the line, keep able to drop the material at a uniform speed)

  8. Adjust the peeling accuracy (after 2 minutes of peeling, you can release some materials to see the peeling effect, if the peeling effect is not good, you can adjust the discharge speed. If the discharge speed is too fast, the effect of sucking skin is not very good, the finished product will not be very clean.)

Broad bean (Vicia Faba) Peeling Machine Technology Parameter

Detailed parameters of broad bean (Vicia FA) peeling machine.


Motor power

Peeling rate


Outer dimension

FOB Qingdao Unit Price


4.5kw-4P, III phase, variable speed motor


200~300kg/hour (depending on different beans.)




Broad bean (Vicia Fa) Peeling Machine

6FW-B7 Peeling Machine can be used as a broad bean peeling machine. The nutrition of broad beans is obvious to all, and broad beans are made into various snacks. The market of edible broad beans is growing, but it also faces some problems. The competition of broad bean food is also more and more fierce.

We all know that when eating broad beans, the fried broad bean skin is easy to stab our mouths. It affects our experience of tasting broad beans. The broad bean peeling machine solves the problem of broad bean peeling very well.

We can clearly see from the picture that the broad bean peeling machine takes off the broad bean skin very well. If you add a broad bean peeling link in your own broad bean production line, although the cost of broad bean peeling machinery is not high, it will greatly increase your competitiveness in the broad bean market.

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