Factory direct sale Broad bean peeling machine

Factory direct sale Broad bean peeling machine
Factory direct sale Broad bean peeling machine
Factory direct sale Broad bean peeling machine
Factory direct sale Broad bean peeling machine
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This broad bean peeling machine uses 20 Menggang knives for peeling, and the peeling effect is very good. Capacity is 250kg/h.This machine also can peel tiger nut and white bean.

In the realm of legume processing, the Broad Bean Peeling Machine emerges as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way broad beans are prepared for various culinary applications. This advanced machine, available through factory direct sale, combines innovation, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to meet the demands of businesses seeking optimal performance in broad bean processing.

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Introduction for broad bean peeling machine

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Broad bean peeling machine is suitable for peeling all kinds of beans, broad beans, oil sand beans, and whole cocoa beans. Dry peeling and separation, the peeling rate is above 98%, high peeling rate, reliable quality, high efficiency and energy saving, and easy operation. It is currently the bean peeling unit with the smallest power, the smallest footprint, the highest degree of automation, and the best quality of finished products in China. It is suitable for food processing factories, guesthouses, hotels, canteens, professional households, etc.

After the broad beans are peeled, the finished product is whole broad bean kernels, and the finished product rate is about 88%.

Broad bean peeling use: fried broad beans (bean kernels are whole after peeling), fried broad bean processing process, soaking broad beans, soaking for three or four days before peeling, soaking broad beans until soft, then oiling, shortening the soaking time after peeling One to two days, with short soaking times. After soaking, the broad beans are in two halves

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This broad bean peeling machine is a multifunctional peeling machine, which can also process tiger nut, white beans and soybeans. It works just as well. There is a feeling that buying one machine is like buying several machines

Working principle

Beans come into peeling work room. Under push of knife plate rotation and material stopper to stop, knife blade and bean surface makes relative motion, thus, blade strips outer skin of beans. Knife plate keeps continuous rotation, plus stop by material stopper plate, and all beans material keeps irregular rotating and turning, blade then continuously removes bean skin. After some time, when beans skin is well stripped, let out bean kernel. This is the principle. 

Automatic broad bean peeling machine


With a PLC control system, it can become a fully automatic peeling machine. This will reduce the labor force. Our machines can be customized, can increase production capacity, and can also be made of stainless steel. As long as customers need it, we will try our best to meet it.

Technical parameter for broad bean peeling machine


Motor power

Peeling rate


Outer dimension

FOB Qingdao Unit Price


4.5kw-4P, III phase, variable speed motor


200~300kg/hour (depending on different beans.)




With factory direct sale, the Broad Bean Peeling Machine becomes not just a solution but a strategic investment for businesses in the legume processing industry. Its cutting-edge technology, high processing capacity, adjustable settings, and focus on durability and safety position it as a reliable and cost-effective choice. Elevate your broad bean processing operations with this innovative machine, and experience the efficiency and benefits that come from factory direct acquisition.

Factort direct sale

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Shandong Kingrunda Machinery Co.,Ltd always adheres to independent innovation, masters the core processing technology of the industry, and develops into a well-known grain machinery enterprise of corn and miscellaneous grain deep processing machinery and equipment at home and abroad. The purpose of our company is to win the future with hard work and achieve dreams with innovation. All employees of the company are with full enthusiasm and high fighting spirit, adhering to the professional development strategy, concentrating their own advantages, bravely climbing the peak of the industry, following the pace of improvement of human food structure, continuous innovation, rapid response, and providing scientific and pragmatic ideas of new ideas solution.


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Our customers are all over the world, popular in East South Asia, India, Middle East, Africa etc.


What is the processing capacity of the Broad Bean Peeling Machine available through factory direct sale?

The processing capacity may vary based on specific models, but it is designed to handle a substantial volume of broad beans efficiently. Detailed specifications can be obtained from the manufacturer or supplier.

How does factory direct sale benefit businesses interested in the Broad Bean Peeling Machine?

Factory direct sale eliminates intermediaries, providing businesses with direct access to the manufacturer. This results in competitive pricing, cost savings, and a more direct and efficient purchasing process.

What technology does the Broad Bean Peeling Machine use for efficient peeling?

The machine incorporates cutting-edge peeling technology, which ensures the efficient removal of outer skin from broad beans. This advanced technology minimizes product wastage and enhances overall efficiency.

Is the peeling process adjustable to meet specific product requirements?

Yes, the machine features adjustable peeling settings, allowing operators to customize the peeling process based on specific product requirements. This flexibility ensures the production of broad beans with desired characteristics.

How is the longevity of the machine ensured, and what materials are used in its construction?

The Broad Bean Peeling Machine is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The sturdy build is designed to withstand continuous operation in the demanding environment of legume processing.

Is the operation of the machine user-friendly, and what about maintenance?

Yes, the machine is designed for user convenience with easy operation. Routine maintenance is straightforward, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent performance. The user-friendly design contributes to a seamless workflow.

Does the machine comply with safety standards, and what safety features are integrated?

Prioritizing safety, the machine adheres to the highest safety standards. Integrated safety features and mechanisms ensure a secure processing environment, safeguarding operators and meeting regulatory requirements.

How does the energy-efficient design of the machine contribute to operational cost savings?

The machine is engineered for energy efficiency, minimizing operational costs. Its design reduces energy consumption during the peeling process, aligning with sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing practices.

Where can I obtain detailed specifications and pricing information about the Broad Bean Peeling Machine?

For detailed information, including specifications and pricing, welcome to contact us. We can provide specific details, answer inquiries, and assist in making an informed decision based on your business needs.

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