Best selling soya bean peeling and splitting machine

Best selling soya bean peeling and splitting machine
Best selling soya bean peeling and splitting machine
Best selling soya bean peeling and splitting machine
Best selling soya bean peeling and splitting machine
Best selling soya bean peeling and splitting machine
Best selling soya bean peeling and splitting machine
Best selling soya bean peeling and splitting machine
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Peeling performance
soyabean,chickpea,yellow pea and black bean
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6FT-PB8 one of our best selling machine for peel and split beans. Capacity is around 500kg/hour. After peeling, beans are no skin but in half size. This machine has been very popular among small factories for processing soya beans product such as Tofu, soya bean milk, snack food, etc. Feedback from customers, this technology can improve the final product taste and quality greatly, and help sell at better price to bring more economic profit.

In the heart of agricultural innovation, the demand for efficient soybean processing machinery is on the rise. The Best-Selling Soya Bean Peeling and Splitting Machine emerges as a beacon of excellence, revolutionizing the way soybeans are prepared for various applications. Explore the cutting-edge features and transformative capabilities that make this machine a leader in the soybean processing industry.

1.Product Introduction 

6FT-PB8 Bean peeling and splitting machine

The new generation soybean peeling machine has beautiful shape, compact structure, simple operation, energy saving and high efficiency, sturdy and durable, no wearing parts design. The equipment spindle and main parts are made of high quality steel and quenching process, precision casting, designed and manufactured for middle and high grade soybean product processors.

Pure dry peeling, good peeling effect, high yield, is the most advanced bean peeling equipment in China, suitable for soybean, pea, broad bean peeling machine. The equipment is easy to operate, the down handle controls the efficiency of the equipment, the round hand wheel rotates left and right to set parameters according to the shape of the beans particle size to achieve good peeling effect. Since its launch, with its excellent working performance in the market has been more and more widely used.

PB8-soya-bean- peeling-and-splitting-machine.webp

It can also be used together with other machines. If capacity is big, we can make production line.

Chick-peas- peeling.webp

Suitable for Soya bean, chickpea, black bean...etc

6FT-PB8-bean- peeling.webp

We can also make material to stainless steel according to buyer's request.

PB8-SST- bean-peeling-and-splitting-machine.webp

2.Technical parameters

NameBean peeling machine
Production capacity450-600kg/hour
Motor power7.5kw, 3p
Peeling performanceApprox. 95%
Peeling wayDry way, no need water
AutomationSemi automatic
UsageChickpeas, yellow peas, soyabean
Usage scopeMedium sized food processing plant
Overall size1600x700x1700mm
Main machine size1.4x1.1x1.9m
Quality assurance1 year 
CertificationCE, ISO9001, SGS

3.Scene Picture

PB8 bean peeling machine with flour brushing machine together.

PB8 bean-skin-remover.webp

This machine has beautiful shape, compact structure, simple operation, energy saving and high 

efficiency, sturdy and durable, no wearing parts design.


4.Technical advantage 

-Peel beans in dry way, beans the drier, the better.

-Peel one time, no need to repeat

-Peel beans with lowest beans breakage rate

-Beans skin peeled is in good shape, obviously show low breakage rate

-High output percentage rate with very low rate of bean flour or grits.

-Peel beans in halves in good color and nice fresh smell.

-No wear parts, very reliable.

-Patent technology, unique design

-Multiple functions to peel green peas as well.

5.Peeling Effect 

Pea and Soya bean peeling and splitting


Soya bean peeling and splitting, chickpeas peeling


As the soybean industry evolves, the Best-Selling Soya Bean Peeling and Splitting Machine stands at the forefront of innovation. Its unparalleled peeling precision, high splitting efficiency, and user-friendly design make it an indispensable asset for businesses aiming to excel in soybean processing. Embrace the future of soybean transformation with this best-selling machine, driving efficiency, and quality in soybean processing worldwide. Welcome to order!


What sets the Best-Selling Soya Bean Peeling and Splitting Machine apart from other soybean processing equipment?

This machine is distinguished by its unmatched peeling precision, high splitting efficiency, versatility in processing, and user-friendly design, making it a leader in the soybean processing industry.

How does the machine achieve unmatched peeling precision, and what are the advantages of this feature?

The machine utilizes advanced peeling technology to achieve unmatched precision in removing soybean skins. This results in a higher yield of whole, peeled soybeans with minimal waste, contributing to overall efficiency.

Is the machine capable of processing different varieties and qualities of soybeans?

Yes, the machine offers versatility in soybean processing, accommodating different varieties and qualities. Its adaptability makes it a comprehensive solution for diverse soybean processing needs, including food products and industrial applications.

Can the settings of the machine be adjusted to customize the processing parameters for specific requirements?

Yes, the machine features adjustable settings that allow operators to tailor the processing parameters to meet specific requirements. This customization capability ensures the machine can adapt to varying soybean characteristics.

How does the compact design of the machine benefit businesses with limited space?

Despite its powerful capabilities, the compact design optimizes space efficiency in processing units. This is particularly advantageous for businesses with limited space, allowing them to maximize productivity within a constrained area.

Is the machine easy to operate, and how does the user-friendly interface contribute to this?

Yes, the machine is designed with a user-friendly interface, simplifying operation. The intuitive controls contribute to a seamless soybean processing workflow, making it accessible to operators with varying levels of expertise.

What are the maintenance requirements of the machine, and how does it minimize downtime?

The machine is designed for ease of use and comes with minimal maintenance requirements. This reduces downtime and ensures continuous soybean processing, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

How does the robust construction of the machine contribute to its longevity and durability?

The robust construction ensures the longevity and durability of the machine, allowing it to withstand the rigors of continuous soybean processing in diverse industrial settings.

Does the machine comply with safety standards, and what safety features are integrated?

Yes, prioritizing operator safety, the machine adheres to the highest safety standards. Integrated safety features ensure a secure processing environment, aligning with regulatory requirements.

What makes the Best-Selling Soya Bean Peeling and Splitting Machine a cost-effective solution for businesses?

The machine is not only a technological marvel but also a cost-effective solution. Its competitive pricing makes it accessible to businesses of varying scales, contributing to the economic efficiency of soybean processing operations. For specific pricing information, please contact us.

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Name: John        time:2023-06-06 10:58:51
This peeling machines can peel beans at a much faster rate than manual peeling, which increases efficiency and saves time

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