Highly Popular Tigernut Peeling Machine

Highly Popular Tigernut Peeling Machine
Highly Popular Tigernut Peeling Machine
Highly Popular Tigernut Peeling Machine
Highly Popular Tigernut Peeling Machine
Highly Popular Tigernut Peeling Machine
Highly Popular Tigernut Peeling Machine
Highly Popular Tigernut Peeling Machine
Production capacity
Peeling performance
broad bean (lima bean), tiger nut,faba bean,fava bean
Machinery factory
Accepting agents
Yes, recruit Peeling/milling machine distributor
The Tigernut peeling machine is applicable for peeling beans in its original shapes.It's highly peeling rate and low broken rate received good popular in the food manufacturing factories.

1.Tiger nut Peeling Machine Working Video 

Soybeans are a versatile legume widely used in various food and industrial applications. Whether you're producing soybean oil, tofu, soy milk, or incorporating soy ingredients into your food products, efficient soybean processing is essential. One key step in soybean processing is the removal of the outer skin or hull and the subsequent splitting of the soybeans. This process is often labor-intensive when done manually, but it can be significantly streamlined and improved with the use of soybean peeling and splitting machines. 

2.Tiger nut Peeling Machine Introduction 

The 6FT-B7 Tiger Nut Peeling Machine represents a cutting-edge innovation in the field of beans peeling machinery. Crafted by our team of highly skilled technical engineers, this machine has been meticulously designed to overcome the common drawbacks associated with traditional peeling processes. 

The 6FT-B7 Tiger Nut Peeling Machine showcases an innovative design that combines the best aspects of existing food grain peeling machines. This integration of tried-and-tested technologies ensures exceptional performance and efficiency.

This machine is engineered to deliver superior peeling efficiency. It can efficiently remove the outer husk or skin of tiger nuts, ensuring that the final product is clean and free from unwanted impurities.

By removing the husk with precision and consistency, the 6FT-B7 Tiger Nut Peeling Machine contributes to the production of high-quality tiger nut products. Uniformly peeled tiger nuts are essential for achieving top-tier product quality.

Our machine is designed with user convenience in mind. It offers straightforward operation, making it accessible for operators of varying skill levels.

We have prioritized durability and reliability in the construction of this machine. It is built to withstand the rigors of industrial use, ensuring longevity and minimal downtime.

Maintenance is simplified to minimize disruptions to your production process. Regular cleaning and upkeep tasks can be performed with ease.

Safety features and guards have been integrated into the machine to protect operators during operation, reducing the risk of accidents.

The 6FT-B7 Tiger Nut Peeling Machine is not limited to tiger nuts alone. It can also be utilized for peeling a variety of other food grains, expanding its utility in food processing operations.


 Tiger nut peeling machine is low energy consuming, kernel complete (not break)advanced technology and nice looking received highly popular


3.Tiger Nut Peeling Machine Technical Parameters


Motor power

Peeling rate


Outer dimension

FOB Qingdao Unit Price


4.5kw-4P, III phase, variable speed motor


200~300kg/hour (depending on different beans.)




4.Tiger Nut Peeling Machine Actual Photos

In order to control the accurate of peeling rate and time, we can add PLC system


Some suppliers request high quality machine, we customized all the materials in 304 Stainless Steel


Production Line solution help to increase the production capacity


5.Tiger nut Peeling machine peeling effect

Tiger nut before peeling VS after peeling 


Tiger nut peeling machine can also peel broad bean. Broad bean before peeling VS after peeling 


The peeling effect of a tiger nut peeling machine is a critical factor in determining its performance and efficiency. The primary objective of such a machine is to remove the outer husk or skin from tiger nuts while minimizing damage to the nut itself. 

A high-quality tiger nut peeling machine is designed to achieve precision peeling. It should efficiently remove the outer husk or skin, leaving behind clean and intact tiger nuts.

The peeling effect should be consistent, resulting in uniformly peeled tiger nuts. Uniformity is crucial for achieving consistent product quality and appearance.

An effective machine should minimize product loss during the peeling process. The goal is to maximize the yield of peeled tiger nuts while minimizing waste.

The machine's peeling effect should be achieved efficiently and quickly to ensure high production throughput. Speed and efficiency are critical for industrial-scale operations.

The peeling process should be gentle to avoid damaging the tiger nuts. Gentle handling helps preserve the integrity of the nuts, preventing breakage or crushing.

A well-designed machine should ensure that the peeled tiger nuts are free from husk or skin residues. This contributes to a clean and hygienic final product.

Some tiger nut peeling machines offer adjustable settings to accommodate different varieties of tiger nuts or varying degrees of husk thickness. This adaptability can enhance the peeling effect.

6.Tiger nut peeling machine working principle

Beans come into peeling work room. Under push of knife plate rotation and material stopper to stop, 

knife blade and bean surface makes relative motion, thus, blade strips outer skin of beans. 

Knife plate keeps continuous rotation, plus stop by material stopper plate, and all beans material keeps irregular rotating and turning, 

blade then continuously removes bean skin. After some time, when beans skin is well stripped, let out bean kernel. This is the principle. 

7.Company Show Room 


8. Contact information


Soybean peeling and splitting machines are valuable assets in the soybean processing industry, offering increased efficiency, improved product quality, and cost savings. Whether you're a small-scale producer or part of a large-scale industrial operation, investing in these machines can significantly enhance your soybean processing capabilities. Before making a purchase, carefully assess your specific processing needs and consult with us to select the right machine for your operation. With the right soybean peeling and splitting machine, you can streamline your production process and meet the growing demand for soy-based products in the market.


1. What is a tigernut peeling machine, and what is its purpose?

A tigernut peeling machine is a piece of equipment designed to efficiently remove the outer skin or husk from tigernuts. Its purpose is to streamline the tigernut peeling process, making it more efficient and reducing manual labor.

2. What are tigernuts, and where are they commonly used?

Tigernuts are small, edible tubers also known as chufa, earth almonds, or yellow nutsedge. They are used in various culinary applications, including making tigernut milk (a dairy-free alternative), snacks, and traditional dishes in some cultures.

3. How does a tigernut peeling machine work?

Tigernuts are fed into the machine, which typically uses abrasive surfaces or rollers to rub off the outer skin. The peeled tigernuts are then separated from the husks, resulting in clean and peeled tigernuts.

4. What are the advantages of using a tigernut peeling machine?

The machine can significantly increase the efficiency of tigernut processing, reducing the time and labor required for manual peeling. It also produces consistent and high-quality peeled tigernuts.

5. Where are tigernut peeling machines commonly used?

These machines are used in food processing facilities, especially those involved in producing tigernut-based products like tigernut milk, tigernut flour, and tigernut snacks.

6. Are there different types of tigernut peeling machines available?

Yes, there are various types of machines, including small-scale, hand-operated machines and larger, motorized ones suitable for industrial production. The choice depends on the scale of the processing operation.

7. What factors should be considered when choosing a tigernut peeling machine?

Factors to consider include the machine's capacity, power source (electric or diesel), efficiency, ease of maintenance, and the specific requirements of the tigernut processing operation.

8. Is maintenance required for these machines, and how often?

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the machine operates efficiently and safely. Maintenance tasks may include cleaning, lubrication of moving parts, and periodic inspection for wear and tear. The frequency of maintenance depends on usage and manufacturer recommendations.

9. Are there safety precautions to follow when using tigernut peeling machines?

Yes, safety precautions should be followed, such as ensuring that operators are trained to use the machine safely, providing appropriate protective gear, and guarding the machine to prevent accidents.

10. Can tigernut peeling machines process other types of nuts or tubers?

- These machines are specifically designed for tigernuts and may not be suitable for processing other nuts or tubers. Using them for other purposes may require adjustments or customization.

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