Industrial use posho mill machine prices

Industrial use posho mill machine prices
Industrial use posho mill machine prices
Industrial use posho mill machine prices
Industrial use posho mill machine prices
Industrial use posho mill machine prices
Industrial use posho mill machine prices
Industrial use posho mill machine prices
Production capacity
Peeling performance
Wheat,corn,peanut,rice,corn cob...etc
Machinery factory
Accepting agents
Yes, recruit Peeling/milling machine distributor
This machine is the most classic posho mill machine,suitable for rural areas.It is made in blue iron sheet, weight is light, easy to move. It produces good quality of de-hulled corn seed, corn posho and corn flour.

1.Product Description

6FT-C2 is a classic popular maize peeling and grits milling machine, it is also a combined food processing machine, It is composed of a peeling machine and a grits grinding machine. The peeling machine is for removing corn seed skin,removing and separating corn germ,root,and black is a preparation stage to get peeled clean corn kernel which is about half or less than half size corn seed,broken different sizes.then feed peeled kernel into grinding silo and start milling,crushing,and finally grade into even mesh sizes corn grits and corn flour. Corn grits from 6FT-C2 is in even size,round shape,no sharp edges,look like millet,Clean,no skin,no flour,no germ,no black hilum.Absolutely reached the level of entering the supermarket. It is very competitive at market..


maize grits milling machine cracked corn making machine broken maize for brewery grits grinding machine

2.Technical Parameter 

NameCorn peeling and grits making machine
Production capacity250-350kg/hour
Motor power7.5kw, 3p
Peeling performanceApprox. 95%
Peeling wayDry way, no need water
Peeling perfomance98%
AutomationSemi automatic
UsageWheat, rice, corn, soyabean, yellow peas, etc
Usage scopeSmall sized food processing plant
Overall size1800x500x1100mm
Quality assurance1 year 
CertificationCE, ISO9001, SGS
Net weight220kg

3.Product Details

All the components are marked clearly, operation is quite easy.



The machine adopts high-voltage electrostatic spraying technology. 

4.Final Products

Final products include big grits, fine grits and endosperm flour


1. Low cost machine for easy investment.

Applications:Corn,Maize,Sorghum,Wheat etc

Working flow:Corn-peeling-corn powder/corn grits/cracked corn making

5.Actual Machine Photo

Machine can also be connect with diesel engine.



This machine is used for corn hulling and making grits,corn flour milling and wheat hulling.Widely used for home or small factory.

6.Machine Advantage.

1. The machine adopts high-voltage electrostatic spraying technology. 

2. The peeling system adopts alloy roller technology, which can get high-quality corn kernels in one peeling.

3. This technology has changed the disadvantages of the old-style grinding wheel and sand roller peeling machine for multiple peeling, repeated processing, large power consumption, and low yield.

4. This series has newly added the function of grinding corners and edges. The finished products are very smooth and round, which can reach the level of entering the supermarket.

5. The milling and grading screen rotor are guaranteed to run smoothly. the finished products are uniform particles, golden color, and clean.

6. The automatic power distribution system, start and stop one-key operation to ensure the stable and normal operation of the machine, in line with export power distribution standards, sell well at home and abroad.

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