Maize grinding machine price in Nigeria

Maize grinding machine price in Nigeria

Maize grinding machine

The maize grinding machine we manufacture and wholesale is a small, multi-purpose, new type grinder, which can grind all kinds of corn, soybean and seasoning raw materials. It is especially suitable for the grain processing and feed processing of the vast urban and rural units and families in Nigeria. It can be equipped with sieves of different specifications as required to process materials of different thicknesses.

Maize grinding machine performance structure

It has simple structure, convenient installation, use and maintenance. This maize grinding machine can be used with various power machinery (electric motor, internal combustion engine, etc.). In order to enable the majority of Nigeria users to understand its structure, correctly grasp the operating procedures, repair and maintenance of the maize grinding machine, achieve safe operation, high efficiency and low consumption, and prolong service life, please read the instructions in detail before use.


Maize grinding machine working principle

The corn series toothed disc mill is mainly composed of feeding hopper, rotor, toothed disc, sieve, casing, machine base, motor and so on. When the material enters the crushing chamber, it is quickly broken into fine powder or slurry under the action of the round teeth and flat teeth and the rubbing of the toothed disc.

Installation of the maize grinding machine

1. Install the body on the rack, install the feeding hopper and the lowering hopper, and tighten each screw. Install the motor, motor wheel and machine wheel in the same plane, and the V-belt is moderately tight.

2. The lines and switches are reliable and the working voltage is stable. The line is well grounded.

3. The inner turntable is tightened, the round teeth and the flat teeth are tightened. The spindle rotates flexibly, and the rotation direction of the machine is attached to the power supply (the direction of the motor can be adjusted according to the wiring diagram).

4. The self-matching power should make the spindle speed of the pulverizer reach the technical data.

Operating procedures of the maize grinding machine

1. Before starting the maize grinding machine, check whether there is oil in the lubricating area.

2. Remove the metal, sand, stone and other sundries in the material to prevent damage to the maize grinding machine parts.

3. Do not put your hands into the feeding port, and do not open the cover during operation.

4. The aperture of the screen should be properly selected, and the damaged parts should be riveted.

5. It is strictly forbidden to start the load. The maize grinding machine runs for one minute and then feeds the material evenly. When beating, an appropriate amount of water is injected.

6. Idle for 2 minutes before shutting down to clear the remaining material in the maize grinding machine.

Adjustment and repair of the maize grinding machine

The main wearing parts of this series of pulverizers are flat teeth, round teeth, large and small grinding teeth. Flat teeth and round teeth are made of stainless steel, with good dynamic balance, and should be replaced if they are severely worn. The size of self-made gold processing should be specified.

1. So as to avoid vibration damage to the bearing and the maize grinding machine.

2. The factory supplies a variety of sieves of different specifications. When replacing, the light side needs to be down.

3. The bearing should be regularly filled with high-speed grease, and checked once every half a month. If serious wear is found, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

4. It is strictly forbidden to collide. If the maize grinding machine is stopped for a long time, the inside and outside should be cleaned and kept properly to prevent rust.

5. If the product cannot work normally due to manufacturing reasons, the user can directly contact the factory for free warranty.

Precautions for the maize grinding machine

1. The operator should stand on the side of the feeding port, and it is forbidden to put hands into the feeding port, and the maize grinding machine cover should not be opened during operation and before the maize grinding machine is stopped stably.

2. It is strictly forbidden to start the load. When the feeding port is blocked, it is forbidden to force feeding by hand or wooden stick, and it should be stopped immediately for inspection. When working, it is necessary to feed the material evenly in an appropriate amount.

3. Under the age of 18, the elderly, confused and long-haired lesbians are not allowed to start work, and normal personnel are not allowed to work after drinking, otherwise all the consequences will be at their own risk.

Special attention: Select the supporting power according to the regulations, and it is forbidden to increase the spindle speed without permission.

Care and storage of the maize grinding machine

1. Always check the fastening of each component to prevent it from loosening and falling off and damaging the maize grinding machine.

2. Each oil filling hole should be filled with oil frequently, and the bearing parts should be cleaned and filled with lithium-based grease every six months.

3. When the maize grinding machine is shut down, the maize grinding machine should be idling for a period of time, the remaining material in the maize grinding machine should be blown off, and then the maize grinding machine should be turned off.

4. When the maize grinding machine is out of use, the sundries outside the maize grinding machine should be removed, all rotating parts should be filled with grease, and stored in a warehouse with dry air and no corrosive gas.

Maize grinding machine in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the largest economy in Africa. Maize is the main food crop in Nigeria. Nigerians love to eat the traditional "five-color plate", which is made by mixing cornmeal (yellow), potato noodles (light yellow), bean noodles (brown color), vegetables (green) and tomatoes (red). cake-like or lake-like food. Therefore, the demand for maize grinding machines is very large. Maize grinding machine has a very broad market prospect in Nigeria. We dedicate to researching and producing maize grinding machines over 20 years. Multifunction in one machine, peeling, degerming, skin removal, crushing, grinding and grading and cleaning, all are done in one machine.

Maize grinding machine price in Nigeria

We produce and wholesale maize grinding machines, and we are currently offering preferential policies for the Nigeria market. The price is very attractive compared to other brands on the Nigeria market. For reference, the price of a corn grinder in the market is generally around $290. Different specifications and different configurations have different prices. If you need to get a detailed price list, you can contact us.


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