Automatic Shaping Vacuum Bagging Machine
Automatic Shaping Vacuum Bagging Machine
Automatic Shaping Vacuum Bagging Machine
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HITACH touch screen .MISCUBISH programmable logic (PLC).and integrated intelligent control instrumentautomactically control the whole process form the weighing ,filling two-side

shaping vacuumizing, heat sealing, releasing to distributing. The advarced two-side shaping and

sealing contral mechanism deign ensure the two-side vacuum bagging The world-known brand

high precision sensors. pneumatic elements and testing components are used for high reliability. the

reserved ports are ready for connection of a printer to print the print the number of packages, totai

weight and other production data and transmittance of the production data to the user managenmet system. the user frienfy operating interface ensures the machine easy to operate

packing errorpacking speed power expenditureair expendiutethe apparent size
x0.2≥240(bags/H)380V  50HZ0.4-0.6mPA2880x810x2250

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