Rice milling machine price in nigeria

Rice milling machine price in nigeria
Rice milling machine price in nigeria
Rice milling machine price in nigeria
Rice milling machine price in nigeria
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This rice milling machine is $1150/unit and very popular in Nigeria, with favorable price and high working efficiency, it is mainly used for rice milling, and it can also be used for grain peeling, such as wheat, sorghum and soybean peeling. According to the needs of customers, it can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine.

Rice milling machine video display

Rice milling machine introduction

The price of this rice mill is favorable, About $1150/unit in Nigeria 

this vertical rice mill machine is designed with emery roller inside, for milling paddy rice with high working efficiency, and also this machine can be used as a grain peeler machine to peel the grain skins, multifunctional use, widely used for farmers. and the machine can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine according to customers different needs. 


Rice milling machine Advantages

1.Mainly used for peeling of barley,rice ,millet and sorghum and other grains

2.Simple structure,convenient to operate ,small volume.

3.machine can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine,convenient to operate and use.

It is precisely because of the above advantages and price advantages, it seems that our rice mills are very popular in Nigeria.


Application field:

Millet rice mill  is used for peeling different grains.Such as, wheat, barley, maize,and so on. the client could adjust the peeling space to adopt different size grains.


Technical Parameter of our rice milling machine


These technical parameters are the standard version of our equipment for the Nigerian market. If you have customized needs, we can customize and adjust the parameters of rice milling machinery according to your requirements.

Work principle of rice milling machine


Grain flows evenly into rotating grinding wheel plate from hopper at effect of gravity. Grain pusher throws grain inside machine to be in the grinding room between cone surface and grinding wheel. Inside grinding room, grinding wheel grinds and cuts, skin and kernel are separated. Skin (or bran) is discharged out of grinding room under effect of fan blower absorbing force. The left goes to kernel outlet by wind from bran removing system and pulled out. Kernel flows to machine bottom, and the poker at the grinding wheel base pushes kernel to kernel outlet and flows out of machine. Production capacity of the machine is determined by grinding wheel granularity fineness, machine RMP, grinding room gap, pressure and resistance force. Grinding room pressure is adjusted by controlling feeding and discharging outlet flow volume and length of poker. Grinding room resistance is adjusted by changing drag knife positions. Bran removing effect is adjusted by changing wind adjusting board position which changes air flow of bran removing syste.

Through this explanation, you can understand the working principle of this rice milling machine. If you are in the Nigerian market and run a grain machinery business, you should also have a certain understanding of the working principle of rice milling machine. This is also of great benefit to your sales.

Package & Delivery of rice milling machine

All our rice mill machines will be packed with standard wooden case for exporting to promise safety delivery during the sea shipping.

Delivery:for the machines will be delivered within 10 working days after get the payment. 

If you purchase our rice milling machinery in Nigeria, our packaging is very strong, and we try our best to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Customer Visting

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FAQ about our rice mill machine:

1.Q:for this machine, can be used as a grain peeler machine?

  A:yes, it can, as a peeler machine, to peel coen, rice, beans with high working efficiency.

2.Q:how can we make the order?

  A:after you choose the right model machine, we can send the machine price to you, then we arrange the production and   delivery to you, before the delivery will send machine  picture to you

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